Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ode to my Wife,the Scrapbooker Cropper!

Found this on one of the threads on SB.Com thought you might get a laugh form it!
Thanks for sharing Crazy Scrapbooker !

Ode to my Wife,the Scrapbooker Cropper!
She learned to crop on Monday,
Her shapes were going fine.
She forgot to thaw our dinner,
So we went out to dine...

She added die-cuts on Tuesday,
She says they really are a must.
They actually were quite lovely,
But she forgot to dust...

On Wednesday it was stickers,
She says the designs are fun.
What highlights,what shadows!!
But the laundry wasn't done...

Her journaling was on Thursday,
With Pigma pens, including red.
I guess she really was engrossed,
She never made the bed..

It was more acid-free paper on Friday,
In colors that she adores.
It never bothered her at all,
The crumbs on the floor...

I found a maid on Saturday,
My week is now complete.
My wife can crop the hours away,
The house will still be neat...

Well, it's already Sunday,
But don't call me a great Pop.
I cursed! @#$, I raved *#@, I ranted!!!
The maid has learned to CROP!!!

I got a giggle!!!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Doodle, Colour and May's Bling Challenge!

The colour challenge is a little obvious, Pink and Blue!

The doodle challenge was flowers, they are really hard to see, but honestly they are there! (Just posted this and I think I will try and take another photo, this will do for now!)

The bling isn't as blinging as the one I did last month. The title has crystal stickles,(I know I use it a lot, but I love it) the flower also has some! The card stock is bazzill bling, I have crystal running across the ribbon and there is a crystal in the middle of the flower! I have also used Sakura Gelly pen which is kinda sparkly!

I have also inked the edges of all the photos with Orchid Colour box cat eye!

These photos were taken on the 22nd. I was just messing around with the camera, and Aimee is always happy to help me! She posed quite nicely for the first few shots, but her cheeky personality wasn't long in appearing, so with that I got some fantastic shots! Couldn't decide which ones I wanted to use, so I nearly used the whole lot, lol. I still have over 20 shots!


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Scraplift and stamping challenge!

This page was done for two challenges for a group on named Critique Group #3 that I am joined. The hostess sets a few challenges every month just for fun. One of the challenges is a scrap lift of another member's LO, this month I chose Kellmorris's Proud LO. As you can see my layout is very similar to Kell's, just a few changes!

The other challenge was to stamp on your layout!!! I have used a white acrylic paint and some children's sponge alpha stamps for the title! Ages ago there was a free stamp set with Scrap Book Inspirations magazine, I have cut the stamp up, probably will regret it at some point, but I knew what I wanted so I did it, lol. I used the two flowers from this set. For both the name and the flowers I painted on the white with a paintbrush, sorry no photos as anyone who knows me will tell you I get SO MESSY when inking or painting, who am I kidding, it's all the time when I am crafting, lol!!! So I wasn't going near my camera! I used the the little accents (along side the photo) from the same set, I inked them up with cats eye bronze.

The papers came from a kit, called Top Dog by Daisy Hill, that MIL kindly gave me. The card stock is bazzill.

The paw print was done by cutting a piece of card a bit bigger than the stamp, covering the card with Versa Mark, and embossing. I used Heat It Up copper! When the powder melted I added more powder and then re-heated, I done this 4 times! When I felt that it was thick enough I quickly stamped the paw print into it. I then cut around the paw print. I thought my stamp was clean, but there must of been black in still on it, but it worked really good I think!

There is a journaling tag explaining Skye's original name, (Barrooon Cluedo, the Kennel Club pick the names, Skye's name comes from the Breeder's Kennel name and then they just pick a topic, it happened to be board games, lol. The breeder's said that they are going to choose the names from now on!), and how excited the girls were when we brought her home! It is underneath the S in Skye's name. The pull part is a little dog house sticker that I place on some card and then cut around the dog house, and left a big square for the journaling.

The Embossing powder paint and papers were the only things that weren't bought at Paper Paradise!


Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I've been tagged by Sam I have to tell you 7 facts about me that you may or may not already know!!! So here goes:

1. I am Irish
2. I have 2 girls aged 12 and 4
3. I met my husband working in an Irish factory near to where my homeplace is
4. We have just recently bought a West Highland Terrrier puppy, and called her Skye
5. I love crafting
6. I have gone back to college
7. I am glad I have reached the last one, lol

The 5 lucky people I am tagging are
Altered Geisha

Good luck, and sorry,lol


My baby is a big girl now!

I have just dropped Aimee off at school.

As we were walking to school, Aimee said "I know when you call me baby, you mean I am your youngest girl, but you can't say it anymore, because I am a big girl today".

Just before her 3rd birthday she started going to school nursery for the afternoons! When I started college Aimee and myself done one full day, when I went on and done the next level we did 2 full days at school. So she actually knows the routine and what is to happen at different times, compared to the children that are starting full time today. I know she will be fine, she is well liked by teachers and her school friends alike .....but I must admit it felt really weird leaving her there and me not staying, as I was walking out the school gates I started thinking my baby is a big girl now and I did well up with tears, none dropped, but I did feel a huge ache in my heart!!! This is just to document the start of her school life for real!!!!

I love you my beautiful big girl, mum xxxxx

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Bling Challenge ........

and whatever other challenge I can fit this into :)

There is so much bling on this page, that you nearly have to wear sunglasses to look at it IRL, also IRL it looks so much better!!!

This is a once in a million shots. Aimee was playing on the floor, I was sat on the sofa, I asked her to smile and just held the camera in front of her, I didn't even look at what I was taking, I was so surprised when I saw this shot! Her eyes are so blue in this photo!!!!

On the purple paint behind the photo there is glitter

Where I have used Crystal Stickles=

Around the edge of the card stock
Where I have torn the pp (patterned paper)
All the flowers on the pp
Over the writing, moon and stars on the overlay
Around the edge of the photo
Around the letter A
On every flower there is a blob/smear somewhere
On the circle brads and star brads in the middle of the flowers
On the star charm

LOL I think I have mentioned everything!

The photo and pp is under the overlay!

The flowers, letter A, swirl and charm are on top of the overlay!

I have dry brushed purple paint on the card stock to use as a matt for the photo! While the paint was still wet I sprinkled some fine glitter onto the paint and left it all to dry! When I put the overlay on the paper the words, moon and stars got lost, so I dry brushed white paint on the underside of the overlay! While I had the paint out I dry brushed around the edge of the photo!

I then used a Precious vellum sticker on the photo as it seemed to fit the page!

The star charm was off a belt that Chloe had which broke and she gave it to me (everyone in my family is now magpie trained, lol). I used a silver brad to cover the hole on the top, put some pva glue on the back of the star, stuck them into place and covered both of them with Stickles!!!

I think that's everything!!! This page originally had some crochet flowers that I had made, for a challenge, but nothing went right last month, I then went off the idea of the flowers so the page above is what happened!

TFL and reading the loooooooong explanation!!!


Edited to say
I can also fit this page into Three Product/Technique Challenge and April Scrap a Family Member-Daughter.

My 3 Techniques are, painting, paper tearing, and homemade embellishments!

The new technique is the bling swirl!

Scrap a family member - daughter - Aimee is 4 and my youngest daughter! Some of my flowers are punched out!

Finshed A!

After cutting out the A, painted it the colour I wanted with Acyclic paints! While it was still wet I sprinkled fine silver glitter on it! When the paint had dried I outlined it with Crystal Stickles (I love this one). I left that to dry! I then covered the inside bit with Glossy Accents, which really highlights the glitter and gives a lovely glossy finish! Unfortunately it looks better IRL and I have taken so many photos of this page, too much reflections for it to photograph it properly!


Finshed Swirl!

I have photographed the swirl how it looks on the page.

I have put a piece of black card under the overlay in this photo!


Monday, 14 April 2008

Dancing Cousins!!

Just wanted to share this photo of Aimee and Georgia!!! It's such a cute photo of both of them. They are at dance rehearsal for a show that their dance company is putting on in May.


Another homemade solution!!!

For my lastest page, (same one as the post before), I couldn't find the Letter A that I wanted, so using a Basic Grey Letter, I traced around it on to corrugated cardboard and cut out the A! I know it dosen't look very pretty here, but I have painted it, added Stickles Crystal around the outline, put some glitter on it and covered the whole lot in Glossy Accents (btw all these were bought at my local LSS Paper Paradise).

Once I can take a decent photo of the page I will post it up!!!

Homemade Swirl!!!

I love all the bling swirls that are around at the moment, but none of them really said BUY ME to me, so I decided to make my own!!! To be honest I am proud of it!!!

First I used PSE5 brush to create my swirl, I then re-sized it to what I wanted!!! I knew where and how I was gonna use it!!! For my latest layout, I was using a printed acetate page! So I placed my printed swirl under the sheet and using Crystal Stickers, that I bought at my local LSS Paper Paradise, I followed the outline!!! This is a photo of it half done!!!

I changed the photo to b&w as it is easier to see and show what I was doing! I will be posting a photo of the page, when I can manage to photograph it properly I have had numerous attempts but none of them turned out right YET!!!!! Tooo much bling and glossy surfaces for it to photograph it right!!! Thanks for looking!!!!


Monday, 7 April 2008

Help with red eye!

I was going through my snow photos and came across this one!!! There is a lot of red eye in the photo and I have tried everything to fix it!!! I admit defeat. Can anyone help me????

LOL, Sorry just thought I would put this up for a laugh!!!! Her eyes are actually two coca cola bottle tops, don't have any coal!!!


Saturday, 5 April 2008

Wings 'n' Things ATC

This was the theme for March's swap in Paper Paradise forum!!!

Well here is my one, come on what else would I pick!!!!

In this shot I have tried to show the bling!!!!

I used my avatar image and cut it out! I Used Rangers Stickles Crystal for blinging Tink and her wings.

While waiting for that to dry.

I glued the backing paper that I picked out to cardstock using a normal glue stick!

I inked around the edges with Tim Holtz Shabby Shutters and Mustard Seed ink pads!

I then got some white cardstock and blended Shabby Shutters, Mustard Seed and Worn Lipstick. I stamped the wording "Do you believe in fairies?" (which you can't see too good) using a cheap stamp set from Lidl. I used Stickles on the wording!

I then glued Tinkerbell to the backing paper! Ages ago when ASDA were selling off some Christmas Decorations cheap, I bought some Christmas confetti, I have attempted to use the stars and circles to mimic pixie dust in a beam around Tinkerbell!

I used Antia's tacky glue and a thoothpick to glue these in place, finally I used more Stickles around the edge of the card!!!

MMMh April's theme is "Bling It", I wonder if I am all blingged out, lol!!!


Friday, 4 April 2008

A Truly Specail Friend!

This post won't mean a lot to everyone, except one particular lady, but I needed to let her know how much I appreciate her friendship and kindness!

On Tuesday, while I was out I missed a package been delivered!!! I kinda knew what it might of been as I was expecting something to arrive! As I wouldn't have the car till Friday I rang the Post Office and got them to deliver the package to the local post office for 50p!!! I collected the package this afternoon when I finished school, (glad now I got them to re-deliver as I was at school all day to day, and wouldn't of been able to get the package till Monday). The package was huge, so it wasn't what I was expecting!!! Couldn't wait to get home and open it to see what it was!!!

OMG, I am actually totally speechless on how to thank this wonderful friend that I have made! It is what I was expecting but a whole lot more included!!! Best 50p I ever spent! Inside there were soooo many papers all beautiful, all I can say is THANK YOU!!! but what really got to me was, she included two little packs one for Chloe and one for Aimee, the girls were absolutely thrilled, so was I!!! Beautiful papers, ribbons, card, brads, flowers, 3d foam pads, etc.
They had better keep them under lock and key or I might be "borrowing". LOL

Honey you know who you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH, what a wonderful surprise!! The other things you included are perfect!!!!