Friday, 11 July 2008

Everything went okay!

Just heard that DH's mum is in recovery and everything went fine!!!! After all the hassle with the Insurance Company not wanting to pay (typical), Dh helped sort it out from this end, and waiting to hear that she was after the operation, it was great to get the phone call that she will be in recovery for about an hour, and that she could be home within a few days!!!!!

Love ya loads June, and so glad to hear that you are okay, and when you go on your trip I WANT LOTS OF PHOTOS THAT ALSO MEANS THAT YOU AND CRAIG ARE IN THEM TOO!!!!

Thanks to anyone who read my post and had her in their thoughts. xxxx

Smiling Happy Children

For the past few weeks my LSS (Paper Paradise) was accepting donations of stash from customers and crafting people in the community!!! Why??? because my SIL is involved with the local library after schools craft club!!! And she asked if Sue and Tracey (owners of LSS) would ask their customers if they could donate any stash that they don't need to the Out of School club, as the lady (Debbie) who runs it doesn't receive any funding and very few materials for the children to work with!

On Wednesday Sue and Tracey delivered 20 boxes full of stash to the library the local paper was there, and the children's and Debbie's faces just said it all!!!

Even though my two girls have only being going for a couple of weeks they love it and can't wait for Tuesdays to come around!

The local community has been fantastic at collecting stash for the children to work with!! Sue and Tracey are going to keep a box in their storeroom and keep accepting stash for them and deliver it up to the library every time it fills up, so hopefully the children will always have something to use!!!