Saturday, 6 December 2008

Not a lot to report!

Today was supposed to be Chloe's birthday celebration with her friends! She came to me this morning at about 7:30am and told me she had just vomited and that she had a headache. When I felt her forehead she was burning up! So I gave her some medicine and she went back to bed!

I rang her friends at 9:00am and told them that Chloe was ill and that everything was cancelled. I feel so sorry for Chloe as she was so looking forward to this weekend. I even took her late night shopping on Thursday so she could get some clothes out of her birthday money and vouchers! I booked her into the hairdressers on Friday evening so she could get her hair done. Chloe was going ice-skating with some friends who were then coming back to our house for a girly sleepover. It was another of Chloe's friends birthday tomorrow and I was bringing the girls to the party! Chloe has spent most of the day asleep, I don't think she will even make her friends party. I am sure it is the flu that she has, poor lamb.

On a crafting side, I have being taken photos and making notes for my DDA album, but I have decided to get stuck in and make some Christmas cards. I have just completed 30 cards for my kids at school. I am waiting for the glitter to dry and will take some pics tomorrow. I have done a very simple stamped image.

Tomorrow I am going to make a Wedding card, Christmas and birthday cards. Hopefully that will be the end of cards for a while and I can get back to scrapbooking, catching up in forum and blog land and my DDA album.

That's all for now!