Sunday, 12 August 2007

More birthday cards

Aimee was invited to 2 parties over the holidays, here are the cards that I made for her friends.

Both are from Disney Fairies 3D decoupage. I bought the book at Paper Paradise awhile ago, as I thought between Chloe and Aimee that it would be good value for making cards...... Okay, okay, I have to be honest, I love fairies and I have to have some good reason for buying the book.

For these 2 I just followed the instructions in the book. You are provided with all images, card, tags, vellum, etc. every thing you need except glue and the tools. I like doing this kind of craft as I find cutting out all the little pieces calming.

When I make the next card I will take more pics to show you, again these were done in a rush. MUST PLAN MY TIME BETTER!!!!! Must not leave everything to the last minute!!! Yeah right!!! when that happens pigs will fly. LOL

Here is the book that the cards are made from. Sue and Paul have other themes as well, but as I said I like fairies so I got this one.

The Book

The Cut out Fairies

The Vellum

The Tags and Embellishments

The Card stock

Templates for cutting out shapes

What the cards should look like if you do it right!!!!

Backing Images