Saturday, 21 March 2009

Down on the Farm .......

Rand Farm we went there today with the Extended Schools!!! What a fantastic day! This has to be one of the better farms that we have been to, and the day was just fantastic! Even though I am suffering yet again with more flu! The girls had a fantastic time, lots of babies to be seen, lots of animals to be petted and lots of PLAY!!!! Aimee even met up with some children that she had been in nursery with! And all the mums got a free plant. There was a huge choice to choose from, I picked a delicate pink and mauve Orchid, will take a pic when I get a nice pot for it! We decided not to bring a picnic but to eat at the tea rooms, which was very yummy!!!

So warning this is a very long post, and remember I have only put a few photos in for you to see, so you can imagine what my photo folder is like, lol!!!!!

Babies, babies and even more babies!

I think this guy looks like Babe, but then again all piglets do, lol

Feeding time!

This horse is HUGE, she is a Suffolk Mare and there are only 200 breeding mares left in England, they were once very common on farms.

Just love the look on Aimee's face.

A natural farmer.

There was also a huge indoor play area, but the girls only stayed about 10mins as the day was too nice and they wanted to play outside!

This was so funny, its kinda like a see saw, so Aimee wasn't expecting it to go down, lol

Not quite long enough in the legs yet.

Queen of the Castle, Chloe has been afraid of heights for so long, but she went on a trip with her school a few weeks ago for a week, they had them up zip wires, climbing rocks, climbing timber poles, etc, so I think its fixed her fear of heights!

Aimee's favourite!

We also went on a tractor ride