Friday, 5 September 2008

My Photo got Published!!!

This is the photo that got published in our local paper,The Grimsby Telegraph. They have a section for members of the public to send in photos! I sent this one in!!! The image isn't great as it is scanned!

Here is the original shot!

Just a little note!!

There was a few tears from Aimee on the bus this morning. As I had dropped off Aimee at school yesterday morning she got a little scared when Chloe got off at her school this morning!! But once she got to school she settled down and had another great day!!! She now understands that Chloe gets off at her school and she stays on until she gets to hers!! Bless!! It was a lot to take in - travelling on a bus, new school, new building, new rules, new teachers, new classmates!!! I am still very proud of her!!!! xxxx