Thursday, 24 December 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas ......

some Christmas Eve photos to share with you!

I usually make my own Reindeer food, but saw this packet for just £1 and it goes to the British Heart Foundation!

I just love the look of excitement on Aimee's face, she is super excited this year, oh how I love it!

Some of the children at my school brought in these Santa key's. They are for Santa to use to get into houses! So Aimee hung it up outside!

She hung it on a ventilation pipe, which when I looked at the photo didn't look too pretty, so I edited it a little, that's why it looks wonky!!!

As is my tradition, photos of the girls in their new pj's before the Christmas tree!

And before the mantelpiece ....

And a photo of "Santa's" delivery, before I went to bed!

Notice that Santa's treats have disappeared, lol!!! This year Chloe helped Santa drink the milk, Steve helped with the mince pie, Skye helped with the carrot (she loves raw carrot ????) and I helped with the apple!!!! as per requested by Santa!

A very happy and safe Christmas Eve to all!