Sunday, 15 June 2008

Rushmoor Park

A family day trip was arranged through the school and the Extended schools project on Saturday 14th June! We were going to visit Rushmoor Park, about an hours journey away from us! Again the day wasn't great lots of heavy showers - BLAH!!!! but we were lucky, we were inside when the shower came, and we were just getting on the coach to go home when it rained again, the rain kept away for the rest of the day, we even managed to picnic sitting on our raincoats on the grass!

We were treated to a birds of prey demonstration, the children were allowed have a little owl land on their arms, and of course Aimee was the first to say she wanted ago, I swear that child has no fear!!!!! I thought the display was fantastic!!!!! Then we went and saw some more of the animals lots of chickens, rabbits, swans, ducks, geese, guinea pigs, budgies, pigs, cows, sheep, lambs, ducklings all the usual animals!

The children were also treated to bottle feeding the lambs!!!

Towards the end of the day, we decided to go back into the little animals, rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats, bad move, as Aimee stuck her finger into the cage and got bitten, (as I said she has no fear and she had gotten used to touching the other animals, even though she was told not to put her fingers in, more for the fact that I can't stand rats!!!) OMG the amount of blood that flowed from the cut was frightening, the staff managed to get the bleeding to stop and put a plaster on it. When we got home I brought her to A&E just in case and I wanted it checked out properly! She has been put on a course of penicillin for a week 4 times a day! Aimee was fine once the shock had worn off and the bleeding stopped at the hospital, were we spent over 2 in a half hours, she was brilliant let the nurse give it a good clean and put the plaster on. We have to go to the doctors in 3 days for them to remove the plaster and take a look at it!!!! and don't believe that she won't put her finger back in a cage, cause I can nearly grantee that she will. LOL

Even though she got bitten when she was asked she said she still loved the day and had a fantastic time!!! We all did!!!

Here are some of the photos I took!


Do you remember the FIRST KISS post!!! I don't think the little girl would of kissed this one, lol!!!

The bite!!!!

TFL through all the photos!!!!!

BBC - Father's Day

Today DH got treated to some pressies

A football shirt - Liverpool of course

A voucher for PC World (Computer shop)

and a CD/DVD case a hint for him to tidy up all the cds/dvds that are all over the place lol!!!

I didn't make him a card this year instead I made this layout!!!

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Dh doesn't like me talking too much about him on my blog, so all I am going to say, is