Sunday, 4 January 2009

My Tinkerbell!

Doesn't she look fantastic!!!! I love the photos!

This all happened because Chloe has been helping Anne Green from the Extended School Committee. We have been going to see Merlin Theatre's Group Pantomimes for a while now, and for a 2 person show they are fantastic. Anne asked if Chloe would like to help a few shows ago. Cause it was the Christmas season Anne asked if Chloe could dress up, of course my Diva said Yeah!!!!! We found this Never Land Fairy costume in Matalan, and it was perfect on Chloe!
She even left me take some photos a few times, well I twisted her arm, especially for the castle one!

Here is a photo of the other Fairy in my life and a group shot!

By the way the pantomime was Cinderella and was on yesterday, which Aimee and me thoroughly enjoyed!