Thursday, 12 June 2008

BBC - Blog about me and a photo!

Oh gosh, this one I wanted to skip, I hate having my photo taken, I hate seen myself in photos, I only like cameras when I am behind them! Okay about me (I also hate talking about me) So I gritted my teeth and here is a very short piece .....

I am 35 years old, married to a fantastic man, with two beautiful children! Chloe 12 and Aimee 5!
I have one brother. I skipped the last few years of school and I am sooo regretting it now! I went back to college last year! I have completed a 12 week course in working with children, a childminding course and just this May finished off a one year course 2 months early. This will help me qualify in looking after children in a school setting! Which I am doing at the moment, and I absolutely adore! I have just signed up to do a 2 year course in Child, Care, Learning and Development, at the end of this I will be able to go on and do a degree!!!!

I love to take photos, it is because of me at the age of about 9, that there are albums full of photos! I have now found the most fantastic way of keeping memories and images alive SCRAPBOOKING!

My taste in music goes from Dolly Parton to Madonna, Elvis to Mika, Boys to Men to Bon Jovi, so there isn't a particular type of music I like, I like everything if it appeals to me!

I have had enough talking about myself!!!

Here is the dreaded photo!