Saturday, 24 November 2007

Aimee's Christmas Cards!

Aimee has finished her Christmas cards today! She started last Saturday by painting the tree and star, then last Sunday she added some glue glitter. She decided instead of having blobs like lights around the tree, she started to spread it across the tree with her finger, I gave her one of my old plastic saving cards to spread the glitter instead!! Today I put 3d foam tape on the back, she peeled it off and stuck down the tree, some might be crooked (oh how I had to hold myself back not to fix and put them straight) but they are all Aimee's own work!!! She also added a Happy Christmas peel off, again a little out of line, but hey who cares these are done by a 4 year old, and she has done a brilliant job in my opinion even though its bias!