Thursday, 28 February 2008

Mother Day Cards

Well this year was easy to come up with a design!!! As Lazy Kay came up with a fab challenge for us on the Paper Paradise Forum!!!

These were the details that were included in our package:

Make a card using the materials provided in the pack.
While you must use the elements in the pack for the challenge to work, you don't have to use ALL the components.

You can add some of your own materials.

When you are happy with your card, e-mail it.

On the last day of the month, I will post all the pictures on my blog (LK's Blog) for you to see!

The card you made is yours to do as you wish!

These were the materials

And this was the expample

Here is my entry
Thanks LK I have really enjoyed doing this challenge!!!

Luckily LK sent me enough stash that I was able to make another but smaller card, all I had to provide was card, curtain ring and backing paper!!!

You can view the entries on LK's blog or on the forum!!!