Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Finshed A!

After cutting out the A, painted it the colour I wanted with Acyclic paints! While it was still wet I sprinkled fine silver glitter on it! When the paint had dried I outlined it with Crystal Stickles (I love this one). I left that to dry! I then covered the inside bit with Glossy Accents, which really highlights the glitter and gives a lovely glossy finish! Unfortunately it looks better IRL and I have taken so many photos of this page, too much reflections for it to photograph it properly!



altered geisha said...

This shows the bling alot better, such pretty colours as well.


LazyKay said...

Lovely and how patient you were to wait in between additions - I always meddle with mine - just to check you understand - and then ruin them!


Tracey said...

I totally agree with LK on this - you must have the patience f a saint, I have a tendency to meddle too lol, gorgeous technique and so pretty TFS XXX