Sunday, 3 August 2008

BBC2 - Post a funny photo

I took this photo last month as part of "Where's Grumpy Jerome?" challenge!!!

On I am a member of the photo a day challenge!!!! I think it was in March that Suzanne13 asked if we would be interested in a kind of Where's Wally Challenge!!!! Most of us have jumped at the chance!!!

What happens is Grumpy Jerome is posted to all the members and when he arrives at your place you have to take photos of him! Collect some memorabilia of your local area or where you take him to visit and then post him on to the next person on the list, as you can see he has come to me!!!! He even has his own place on, click here if you want to have a look!

Here is a better photo of Sue and GJ!!!!

It was so funny Sue the owner from my LSS jumped up on a table to sit GJ up there, I can't imagine what the people in the cars passing by were thinking (the shop is on a street beside a very busy road)! I know Marion, Sue and myself were laughing so hard!!!

We put him up there cause I wanted a photo of him and the sign!!!!!