Saturday, 22 November 2008

Flabbergasted .....

I went to Paper Paradise yesterday to meet up with Tracey. Tracey told me I had just missed Micayla by 10 mins!!! I was bummed twice over as she had Emily with her!!!

Anyways I had recently won an RAK on her old blog, and she had dropped it off at the shop for me.

Well ya know me, no patience what so ever, so I opened it there, OMG the stash that she put into it is just stunning, I love all of it. Tracey and me were ouuuing and ahhing over it. I won't post a pic as I think it's rude, but I do want to publically thank her and what a better place than my blog to do so! Micayla has been so generous with what she put into the box. And all for leaving a comment on her blog, which I do all the time anyways.

Also that special piece that you put in Micayla, will go towards a layout of my Nan, my Nan was very special to me so I think the two will be perfect together, thank you so much Micayla for parting with it, it is truly stunning!!!!

Visit Micayla's Old blog here - Just a girl dreaming ....
her new blog here - Home a place for love, happiness and art

What a time I have had ......

Monday night Aimee woke up vomiting and this went on every half hour. I think I got about 2 hours sleep if that. I had work in the morning and it was a full day due to an College Observation by my lecturer, so I had to go. I also had college that night. Dh wasn't feeling too good himself so he stayed off work on Tuesday. Aimee was still vomiting. I got a very good report from my lecturer, and to be honest I think I went on auto pilot.

Then Wednesday DH really wasn't feeling good, he also started vomiting. So that was two down with the bug. So that was Aimee and DH not eating. Wednesday night Chloe started vomiting, so that was 3 down. I was running around cleaning up, going to work and cooking food that no-one was eating.

On top of all this I had a lot of assessments and write ups to do for college. I manged to get all this done on Wednesday night, yeah!!! Even though I did stay up until about 3:00 am!!!

Everyone is back to normal today, thank goodness. I have managed to do some crafting, but alot of it I can't show, as those who are receiving it read my blog! So once Christmas is over I will post up pics of all that I have made.

So I apologise if I haven't visited your blog lately, but I have been up to my eyes in it. Over the next few days I am hoping to catch up with everyone.