Thursday, 24 September 2009

Aimee's 6th birthday

Unfortunately for Aimee her birthday fell on a school day, so to make it more special for her, we decided to go to McDonald's for tea and EAT IN, we usually just use the drive through and eat at home.

Aimee was super about this as it meant that she had to leave all her presents until she came home, or it would of taken too long!

Here is Aimee and Chloe before we went!

Where's my tea!!!! lol

Opening her presents!

This was a Hannah Montana pillow, with a secret diary and a plug in for an MP3 player that she can listen to at night, whatever next, (jeez I sound like my mum) Her Uncle Mark, Auntie Ruth, cousins Georgia and Ben gave Aimee this. Ruth also made a beautiful frame that you can see on her blog if you wish, here

Next it was our present, this is Barbie with a dog and puppies! First time in a long time she has asked for a Barbie doll! We have also got tickets for her to go and see Disney Princess on Ice in November!

This is Chloe's present to her, she got 3 of these dolls, which make up the characters of a tv programme called H2O, which is all about Mermaids!

Straight away without any prompting she went and gave Chloe a huge hug, they are sweet sometimes!

And believe it or not this is the first birthday cake I have ever made, I usually cheat and buy! But because Aimee is having a party on Saturday, she got two cakes and I asked her which ones she wanted (just a simple cake for our little party at home, and a character cake for her party), she wanted the chocolate cake that I make and the chocolate chip muffins too!!!

Blowing out her candles!

Cutting her cake!

Enjoying her cake!

Happy birthday my beautiful and wonderful 6 year old!
Love mum