Saturday, 1 August 2009

From Aimee to Hannah Montana (sort of)

****Warning photo heavy****

During the carnival last week one of our local companies who specialise in Princess Parties were handing out leaflets and this particular one had a Hannah Montana Weekend! And of course they targeted Aimee, I think she got 5 leaflets in total! For £12:- Learn the Hoe Down, Hair, Make up and nails, Sparkly cowboy hat and a free glitter tattoo! OH No I thought here we go! She begged and pleaded, in the end I said ask you dad, who of course said I don't mind if she goes!

So my Saturday was spent in a marquee with giggling girls, Hannah Montana blasting from music systems (which in truth I didn't mind I actually like her songs (Miley and Hannah's) and Billy Ray Cyrus too, sad I know, lol), glitter EVERY WHERE, those hats don't hold the glitter very well! The main thing is that Aimee had a blast and really enjoyed being pampered! There were limousine rides too, but when I asked Aimee to go for one, she said "Why?" that will be boring, I want to stay dancing and posing! (I had explained that she got in the limousine and drove around for a little while, she is a girl after my own heart as I would of passed that up too). We got there at 10:00 am at about 12:30 I had enough and I was hungry, so I asked Aimee if she would like her photo taken with the limo again she said "no", but could she do another dance!!!! We left at 1:00 pm and I am glad we did as it was beginning to rain. I hope it stays dry for them tomorrow as the whole thing is on again, cause if it rains it's going to be awful for them!

Anyways on to my photos ......



The process ....





Aimee was the only girl that got her hair styled like this and hers was the only one that stayed in place! Hence why she isn't wearing her pink sparkly cowboy hat. All the others got the quiff and ringlets!



And then to dancing to the Hoe Down and The Ice Cream Freeze!

And here are some shots of my Catwalk Princess ......

Love this shot ... lots of attitude

Aimee has her own individual style, lots of the other girls copied what the instructors did or what each other did ... Aimee just went for it and in her own way! So proud!

And the last shot of the day, Aimee with a Hannah Balloon (these were £8, she didn't get one, as they don't last very long)

Okay I lied, this is the last shot, a very sneaky shot of Chloe, hehehe!