Monday, 31 March 2008

More Easter Cards!

These are the last 3 cards that I will receive in the swap unfortunately, it was lovely to receive these cards, thanks ladies it was fun to do!!!!

These are the last 3 cards that I will receive in the swap unfortunately, it was lovely to receive these cards, thanks ladies it was fun to do!!!!

Here is how they looked on my mantelpiece!


A specail gift!!!

On the 27th March 08!!!

Chloe came home from school and gave me this fantastic seahorse that she made by herself in art class at school!!!! The back of the piece is even covered with felt!!!

How cool is this!!!!


A proud Mummy Moment!

Chloe came home from school on 21 March with a certificate to say that she had been awarded 850 points!!! Chloe and another girl in her whole year were the only 2 to receive an award and a certificate!!!

The kids are awarded points through out every day for dress code, homework, politness, etc at the end of every week they are all added up and their form turtor takes note of them, then at the end of every term the children with the most points are given awards and certificates, this also means that they can go on outings the school provide, like bowling for an afternoon!!!




Easter Sunday 2008

We got 10 cms of snow overnight!!!!

The girls were out in the snow by 7:00am and had a snowman, snowangels and two snowball fights!!!! I am so glad they went out this early as it had already started to melt by 8:00am!!!

Just some pics for sharing of the girls having fun!!!!

While the girls were drinking hot chocolate and warming up with Nana June, DH and myself went for a walk around the neighbour hood to snap a few shots!!! These are mine!!!

There is goes!!!! :(



Thursday, 20 March 2008

My Easter Card!

While I was on Tracey's blog, I saw her Criss Cross cards, so I decided that I would make my Easter Cards like this! I followed the instructions on this SITE! I had to make 9 cards for a swap, basically my cards are all the same, but the rabbits go from one side to the other I alternated the folds of the cards too!!!! This is what I cam up with!!!

MIL kindly donated the beautiful stamp to me. She is moving back to Georgia, and had to downsize! She allowed SIL and myself to go through all her crafting supplies and divide it out between us!!!! I would of rathered she stayed than to have all this lovely stash!!! Just want to wish her all the happiness that I can in her new adventure!!! Love ya June!!!!!

Okay it might look like the mum rabbit is strangling her son, but honestly she is only doing up the top button on his jacket!!! So I thought rabbit, Sunday Best, Church = Easter along with the bright colours!!! I know its a stretch but I wanted to use the stamp, oh BTW I water coloured the image!

I found this lovely little verse on-line, don't remember where, but I thought I would hand write rather than stamp or print it out, for more of a personal touch!

One thing that I did do different is...........I put a card stand on the back!!!!

I done this by using the scrap triangle that was cut from the front of the card and gluing it on the back, now the cards stand up using their own support! I hope Beate doesn't mind!!!

This is the full collection of cards that I made!


Some more post that brightened up my day!!!!

I received my stash from today!!! How exciting it was to open the package and see all the lovely scrummy stash!!! Must say it was very quick as it was only last Friday that I put the order in!!!! Will be shopping on line again, mmmh better tell hubby to lock up the credit card and only give it to me, if I absolutely must have what I see, lol that will be quite often I think!!!!

What a nice way to brighten up this horrible dreary day, some beautiful Easter Cards and some stash that I wasn't expecting till at least next week!!! Why isn't every day like this, ....sigh!


Some more across the water Easter Cards

Some more fab Easter Cards from my friends on!!!!

Wendy Jo's Card

Beth's Card

BTW thanks for inculding the photos Wendy and Bev, very nice to be able to put faces to names, shame we didn't all think of it!

I have never received so many Easter Cards before, I am so happy I decided to do this swap, my mantlepiece never looked so good! Just hope the ladies are as happy with my ones as I am with theirs!

Will be posting my cards later on tonight or tomorrow!


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

2 new additions to my garden!

I finally managed to persuade Dh in letting me get some garden ornaments, when I saw these fairies it just had to be them! Hopefully I will be able to add a few more, lol!!!!

Our garden is still in winter mode, we are busy getting it ready for summer, so until then they have no real home, once I have found a place where I am going to put them, I will post another photo!!! I want them to be peeking out between flowers!!!!


2 More Easter Cards

I received two more beautiful Easter Cards in the post this morning!!! How nice to be receiving these cards at this time of the year, usually it's just bills!!!!

Thanks Kell for the beautiful card, love the gems in the middle of the flowers!

and Debbieann's, wow some beautiful hand cutting in this card!


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

First Easter Card!

The girls in Critique Group #3 on have decided to do an Easter Card swap!!!! We had to make 9 cards and try to send them out before Easter, mine went last week so I hope they arrive in time!!!! Once everyone has received mine, I will post some pics of them!!!

But for now here is the beautiful card that I received from Laura today!!! Thank you, it's gorgeous!!!

(she has already posted pics of her cards on the forum)


February Love and Romance Swaps

These are the fab swaps that I received in Paper Paradise's monthly swaps! Thank you ladies!"

Altered Geisha

Chrissie Partridge

Chrissie Standford

Lazy Kay

Tina Moody


International ATC Swap

I have organised an ATC Swap on where I have met some fantastic on-line friends. The criteria was to include a self-portrait photo of yourself.

In a couple of weeks I will be able to post the ATC's once everyone has received their swaps, but for the moment I am posting the fab and generous RAK's that the ladies sent me, along with some beautiful thank you cards. Some of the ladies also wrote me some amazingly beautiful letters. I just want to say a huge thank you to all these wonderful ladies!

The girls also got some lovely treats!!! So they also say thank you!



This is just going to be a journaling post, as I have projects on the go and finished ones, but I don't want anyone to see them, until they have received them!!! If that makes since!!!!

I did do my first on line shop at, I usually get Dh to do all that for me!! scary!!! LOL
I ordered some K&CO ancestry papers and embellishments as I have been drooling over these since they came out, now all I have to do is wait!!!!

On Saturday we went on a photo shoot, that Dh's brother and his wife gave us as a Christmas present ("Thanks AG" :( lol). I hate having my photo taken, but I must say the photographer really put me at ease and I actually quite enjoyed it ...... the part where the girls got their photos taken on their own and individually LOL. Unfortunately we will only be getting the "free" framed 7x5 photo that comes with the package as the prices start from around £300 for a couple of 4x4 inch photos in a frame!!! Dh is going back to pick out the photo, cause it will break my heart to see all the fantastic photos I know he has taken!!! Seriously thinking of booking a proper photographer and getting him to do the same kind of shots, and then I could justify spending £300 on a full set of photos!!!

Why I haven't been on as late ..... everything went crazy here, Aimee is poorly again, another cold, so it's coughing and vomiting all night again, I don't know if I am coming or going sometimes!

I haven't been feeling too good, could be I am just tired!!!

Catching up on College work, still have lots to do!!!

Finishing off the RAK's for the ATC swaps, still have one more bit to included but I am so sorry I am housebound at the moment with Aimee feeling poorly so I can't get out to get it!!!!!The minute she is feeling better it's into the car with her and off I go!!!

Our washing machine broke down, so I have been doing trips to the laundrette until we can get a new one!!! Because I don't trust them with the delicate things, I am doing a lot of hand washing too!!!!!!

Arrrghhh, nothing seriously wrong Thank God, but just getting on top of me!!!!

I didn't even celebrate St Paddy's Day, due to been over tired, feeling yucky and looking after Aimee!!! Bad Irish girl, I am!!!!

I will be posting more regularly in the next few days, fingers crossed!!!!


Thursday, 6 March 2008

Look what I got!!!!

I can't play with it until the weekend!!! I got it yesterday, but had some things to do for the actual school!!! They have also asked me to help out tomorrow as well, by the time I have dinner sorted, washed put away, catching up on comments, I am just too tired!!!! Roll on tomorrow night is all I say!!!!!

Probably won't see me for the weekend now, lol!!!

Will post what I managed to do!!!

Some pics of the children

Due to privacy laws I cannot show faces of children unless I have the parents permission, so this why the children's faces are blurred!!!

These children won prizes for their costumes!!! Dorothy's costume was made by her Grandmother, and I thought it was fantastic that a child (Aged5) knew what the Wizard of Oz was, and loved the film so much that she got her grandmother to make the costume!!! The other little girl is Snow White, there was no hand-made costumes in her group!!!

Postman Pat got a prize 'cos he is just so cool!!!

Aimee and her school friend as Belle and Princess Fiona (Shrek)


Yesterday at school I found out that today was World Book Day, all the children got a letter last week (Due to Aimee being out sick last week she missed the letter) to say that if the children wanted to dress up as a storybook character they could. Luckily for me they are allowing princesses, so guess what Aimee is going as!! Belle her favourite princess!!!! The teachers had to dress up as well, cringe!!!! I put together a pirate outfit, I only had a night to sort out, and didn't have the car, so I think I done pretty well in getting some sort of out fit together!!!. It was funny seeing the children's reactions to me! When I had put on the eyeliner this morning Aimee says "Oh Mummy you should do that more often, it makes your eyes really beautiful" I took it as a complement!!! Anyone who knows me know that "I DON'T DO MAKEUP" lol

Aimee took the full lenght shot. It didn't come out as good as I hoped, she isn't used to my camera which is heavier than her one. I changed it to black and white, it's just about passable!!!

This one is a Self Portrait!!!


Monday, 3 March 2008

Skye size!

Just a photo showing the size of Skye! I have been asked how small is she!! When she fell asleep last night I put one of Aimee's cuddly toys beside her to try and show her size!!! Aimee's cuddly which she kindly has given to Skye is bigger than her at the moment, I would consider Aimee's cuddly to be about Medium size!!

Here's another just for sharing, thought she looked so cute!



For the February swap in Paper Paradise the theme was Passion and Love. Here is my effort!

Image and journaling printed on photo paper, backing paper stamped with a faint leaf design! Matting paper was made using Whispers brown ink pad and Crafty Individuals CI - 017 stamp, and distressed around the edges with Tim Holtz Antique photo ink pad the Image was also distressed. Then all glued down!