Monday, 14 April 2008

Dancing Cousins!!

Just wanted to share this photo of Aimee and Georgia!!! It's such a cute photo of both of them. They are at dance rehearsal for a show that their dance company is putting on in May.


Another homemade solution!!!

For my lastest page, (same one as the post before), I couldn't find the Letter A that I wanted, so using a Basic Grey Letter, I traced around it on to corrugated cardboard and cut out the A! I know it dosen't look very pretty here, but I have painted it, added Stickles Crystal around the outline, put some glitter on it and covered the whole lot in Glossy Accents (btw all these were bought at my local LSS Paper Paradise).

Once I can take a decent photo of the page I will post it up!!!

Homemade Swirl!!!

I love all the bling swirls that are around at the moment, but none of them really said BUY ME to me, so I decided to make my own!!! To be honest I am proud of it!!!

First I used PSE5 brush to create my swirl, I then re-sized it to what I wanted!!! I knew where and how I was gonna use it!!! For my latest layout, I was using a printed acetate page! So I placed my printed swirl under the sheet and using Crystal Stickers, that I bought at my local LSS Paper Paradise, I followed the outline!!! This is a photo of it half done!!!

I changed the photo to b&w as it is easier to see and show what I was doing! I will be posting a photo of the page, when I can manage to photograph it properly I have had numerous attempts but none of them turned out right YET!!!!! Tooo much bling and glossy surfaces for it to photograph it right!!! Thanks for looking!!!!