Friday, 28 December 2007

I know it's late .... Christmas Day

Here are some of my fav photos of the day!

Arriving down to the lounge at 6:00 am!

Lovely neat row of presents, only reason they are this neat is because we couldn't fit the Christmas Tree into the lounge this year (they are usually piled under the tree!)

Santa brought one of the presents that Aimee wanted!!! Yipeee!!

Aimee liked this Dora top from Granny and Grandad!

Chloe got an i-pod!!!!
What a story to this one! We searched a few weeks before Christmas for one, and all the shops had sold out! So we ordered one from Woolworths! The i-pod turned up and Steve downloaded some music, filims and videos on to it for her, so that she could play with it on the day! When she went to turn it on it was dead, just would't work!!! She didn't complain, Bless her, as it was our main gift to her! We felt really bad for her, so we decided to get her another one, and then after the hoildays return the dead one to Woolworths, So Steve went on-line and pre-booked one with PC World, for Boxing Day, we went to collect, they had sold out of them, another disappointment. We came home, Steve went on-line again and pre-booked one with Argos, but this time we didn't say anything to Chloe, Steve just said he would go out and try to get one! Hip-hip-hooray for Argos they had the one he booked!!!! At last Chloe could use her i-pod!!!!

Amazing how much mess 2 girls, lots of presents and 45 mins can make!!!

The look of love between grandaughter and grandmother, I love this photo!