Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My latest project ....

this has been something that I have wanted to get started since December. I have taken this week "off" from the more serious housework and college work to get it done. So all the spring cleaning can wait till next week!!!!

I am only going to show sneak peaks and see if anyone can guess what I am making. This project has a lot of drying time in it, so I make/alter whatever during the day and leave it to dry overnight! So hopefully by the end of the week it should be finished!!!

First sneak peek ....

I got the inspiration for altering this polystyrene egg from Ruth (check out her Gorgeous Easter Eggs here!), I wanted to include a certain something in my project but couldn't think how to do it, and then I saw Ruth's Easter Eggs and the polystyrene egg shapes she got from Boyes, so I have cut the egg shape in half and prettied (is that a word?) it up a touch.

Remember when you were little and made paper mache models the old balloon thing???? I certainly do and I loved it because I got messy, lol and I still love it. These strange looking things will hopefully become clear, when they are painted up and on the final photos.

So that's about it for me for awhile, have to make a Thinking of you card, 2 wedding cards and 2 birthday cards, nothing else to do while my projects things are drying, BORIIIIIIIIIIIING, I so hate having to wait ........