Friday, 28 November 2008

MMMh blog candy!

Ila is celebrating over 100,000+ hits
This is the beautiful candy that is up for grabs,

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Hand Made Gifts

Okay call me a glutton for punishment but ..... I have set up another blog - yeah I know but I was talking to Ruth and she said about setting one up. The idea stayed in my head and I thought what the heck might as well set up another one! Thanks Ruth, lol!!!!

At the moment there are no posts on there, but beware there could be an e-mail coming to you shortly, lol!!!

If you would like to feature your work on the blog, e-mail me the link to your blog and I can "Borrow" your pics from it or you can send me jpegs of your images, but please remember to send me the link of your blog too!!! I will be linking back to your blog in the posts.

Hand Made Gifts

This blog is not just for Christmas gifts but any type of gift that you make and give away. What would really be useful for me is if you can give your work a name, as I am useless at making up names. I so struggle when I make my layouts, lol!!!

If you don't have a blog and would like to see your work displayed send me some jpegs of your work and I will post them up for you (wink, wink, Brenda)

So don't be shy, contact me and let us all admire your work.