Wednesday, 1 July 2009

SUN + Water .....

equals a whole load of fun ......

Doesn't this look so inviting! We decided to get the girls a big pool this year, as the paddling pools just wouldn't be big enough. I filled the pool at 8:00 am (took forever) in the morning and when the girls got home from school on a really hot and muggy day, they were thrilled, it was worth it for 3 hours of fun! In the end there were 8 children using the pool. Hence the VERY MUDDY water in the last photo, YUCK!!!! Aimee soaked in the bath for ages to make sure I got all the dirt out!!!!! The girls had a whole pile of fun, even if it was cold to start off, lol!!!

And of course we couldn't let Skye out, lol!!! We bought a very cheap paddling pool for Skye to cool down with!

She wasn't sure at first so she hid under the garden chair, and looks as if she is saying "no way"

After a few goes (well Steve chucking her into the pool) and she realised that she could get herself out, she enjoyed it, and this photo looks like she is smiling!