Friday, 31 October 2008

Trick or Treat!!!!

The girls went to a Halloween Disco, where they had a lot of fun and Chloe sang Karaoke with a friend!!!!

Chloe didn't dress up this time, she didn't want to! She wore a mask while trick or treating with Aimee!

This is the first time that I have face painted, I am so going to have to get a set of small brushes I only had 1 brush and couldn't do the fine lines, but Aimee liked it and that is all that matters.

This is how Aimee went to the disco and how she went trick or treating!

I love this shot!

Check Spelling
Chloe sings Karaoke

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Halloween Party!

The girls were invitied to a neighbours halloween party this evening. This is how they went! At least it stopped raining long enough for them to walk there and back, phew! Wouldn't like to see how the face paint held up in rain, now that would of been scary!

Aimee's cards!

During the horrible days, Aimee has been making thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts that she received. I know they are late, but at least they are gone now!

This card is for her Nana's Birthday. Aimee has used the free papers that came with the Scrapbook magazine. She picked out the papers, I cut them out, she arranged and stuck them down herself. Oh and she does her own stamping too.

Birthday Card

I have used the left over scraps of Prima Urban Cosmos papers from my latest projects to make this card! The flowers are hand cut and then mounted on foam pads, the word Dream is coloured in with a gold glitter pen, and a little bow made from some ribbons! I used a Penny Black birthday stamp and Tim Holtz Vintage Photo to stamp the words Happy birthday.

And that's it!

My Photo Cube

This is my try at a photo cube! I have made it for my mums birthday and if I do say so myself the photos actually turned out okay, considering I don't have lovely big windows and they were taken inside!

I have only use 1 sheet of double sided paper to make the cube!

Stash Used

Paper - Prima - Double sided paper - The Urban Cosmos - suburb
Flowers - Prima - Got Flowers? Medium, Burgundy color, petal size: 1.5 cm.
Ink - Tim Holtz vintage photo
Inkadinkado - Priceless stamp
Brown Ribbon

Nellie Lynch

I have created this layout using the sketch from CISister's. I have also used this sketch for the monthly sketch challenge on the Paper Paradise Forum.

I am happy with the layout, I just got it finished last night and typical I can't photograph it outside due the horrible rain!!! So I have included two versions to try and get the feel of the page across.

A close up of some of the beads that I have gluded on.

Stitching, tearing, layering and glueing on this page. I have used K&Co papers and embellishments on the page. Some brads, some beautiful crochet lace, inking and that's about it.

If you want to read the jouranaling just click on the pic and it should enlarge it enough for you to read.

Stash Used

K&Co - Classic K McKenna Green Floral Flat Paper
- Sheet of paper from the Hertiage range
- 3D Dimensional Sticker
- Floral stickers from the Hertiage range
- boarder stickers and photo corners Hertiage range

Notebook paper
Prima - floral embellishment - Artful Collage Flo
Basic Grey - Designer Glazed Brads
Crochet Lace - Bought from Paper Paradise
Beads - I think I got from Netto ages ago
Ink - Tim Holtz - Vintage Photo
Thread - Green Emboirdery Thread
and a black pen

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Deep and Streetlife Museum of Transport

Today the girls and I along with Ruth, Ben and Georgia went to Hull on a trip organised by the Extended Schools Organisation. I paid £17.50 for the 3 of us, which sounded expensive when paying, but after looking at the entry fees alone to The Deep, (£8.75 per adult and £6.75 per child) we got a fantastic bargain!

I am going to warn you now, I HATE THE PHOTOS I TOOK TODAY, THEY ARE ALL NAFF!

First of all, I couldn't use any flash in The Deep in case the fish got hurt (fair enough)
Then I had the wrong setting on the camera in the museum
and then I just didn't take any decent shots, (I am now crying in frustration). I SO HATE DAYS LIKE THIS

I tried my best in photo shop, but I am still unhappy! I have put in some before and after shots!

The girls enjoyed going around The Deep using the interactive displays and looking of course at the fish! For the half term holiday they have put on a pirate theme, there was quiz papers available. On the paper along the left hand side was a column of skull and cross bones with a name of pirate wrote in them, you had to find an employee dressed up as a Pirate with the corresponding name and ask them the question there was about 10 questions we managed to find 5 pirates! It was fun!

Chloe asking a pirate!

When we got down further we found out that they were showing a 3D pirate film, they provided the glasses, the girls really enjoyed the film!!!

Then look who we spotted walking around

and he told a scary pirate story .... so we had story time with Captain Jack Sparrow .... okay so I can dream it was the REAL Captain Sparrow ... can't I????

before the edit
after the edit

Don't think Ben was too impressed

Ruth and Ben in Pirates corner

Before edit
After edit

Before edit
after edit

The girls meeting Captain Sparrow, and yes they knew who he was.

Some photos from around the displays

And these are some photos from around the Streetlife Museum of Transport, the girls actually had fun looking and going on some of the old modes of transport that were used!

Wonder what Ruth could be waiting for????

Find us Irish everywhere, lol ... well at least we knew where the money was!

Some photos of Aimee and Georgia playing in the leaves outside the museum, I was going to ask them to pose for shots, but they were having so much fun, I left them to it! Some of the shots are blurry but that's because they didn't stay still for a second!

When we were walking back to the bus along the quay we saw these two busts, we didn't see a plaque or anything nearby! I googled it tonight and found out the info on them ....

"In 1847, Captain John Parker brought an Eskimo couple from Cumberland Sound to the whaling port of Hull, England aboard his ship the 'Truelove.' Ostensibly brought to England to raise awareness of poor conditions in their homeland, the couple, Memiadluk and Uckaluk, were treated rather better than other such human zoo exhibits; Captain Parker placed them in the care of his ship's surgeon, who innoculated them for smallpox upon their arrival in England. Nonetheless, they were put on display in the Public Rooms beginning on 2 December, dressed in their sealskin clothes. They also appeared at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester, as well as at the lecture hall in Goodramgate, York
The casts of Memiadluk and Uckaluk shown above were made shortly before their departure. Just as the couple sailed from Stromness in 1848, there was an outbreak of measles on board the ship; Uckaluk died, but Memiadluk was nursed back to health, and returned to his home with a large pile of gifts from his hosts. "

The girls sitting around the shark outside the deep!

Aimee and Georgia playing on the rocks.

Cute pic of Ben!

Why couldn't they be like this all the time?? Aimee and Georgia "asleep" on the way home.