Tuesday, 22 April 2008

My baby is a big girl now!

I have just dropped Aimee off at school.

As we were walking to school, Aimee said "I know when you call me baby, you mean I am your youngest girl, but you can't say it anymore, because I am a big girl today".

Just before her 3rd birthday she started going to school nursery for the afternoons! When I started college Aimee and myself done one full day, when I went on and done the next level we did 2 full days at school. So she actually knows the routine and what is to happen at different times, compared to the children that are starting full time today. I know she will be fine, she is well liked by teachers and her school friends alike .....but I must admit it felt really weird leaving her there and me not staying, as I was walking out the school gates I started thinking my baby is a big girl now and I did well up with tears, none dropped, but I did feel a huge ache in my heart!!! This is just to document the start of her school life for real!!!!

I love you my beautiful big girl, mum xxxxx


altered geisha said...

Congratulations and commiserations at the same time!!
You must be so proud yet I bet you feel at a loss with what to do with yourself!!

At least you took a lovely photo before your eyes welled up!!
She looks so sweet in her summer dress!

Love AG xxx

LazyKay said...

LOL she'll still be your baby when she's drawing her pension!

You DO feel as though you're leaving your innards behind don't you - another rite of passage for you both.