Saturday, 25 August 2007

10 Second Studio Demo Day!


Spent a fab day at Paper Paradise Studio today!
Linda Brown from LB Crafts done a demo day! What incredible work she has created. Linda started by showing us all how to use the metal tools, and what tricks we could use. Just before we broke for lunch Linda asked us all to write our initial down, she then went on to create our initial for us in a piece of foil.
After lunch we all had a go ourselves, it looks so fiddly and intricate, but once you get started it is quite easy and fun to do!!
We each made a tag, with punch out daisy's, black dabbers, a piece of card and that was it! The results were fantastic.

Once again Thank You Sue and Paul for bringing such a fabulous demonstrator as Linda Brown, to Grimsby to show us her incredible work.

Here is the tag that I made:-

Here is the initial that Linda made:-

Bye for now!!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Nephew's Birthday Cards

It's our Nephew's 3rd birthday on Sunday, he is having a party on Saturday. Oliver LOVES trains, so the girls and I decided to do train cards. Here is what we came up with:


First of all I had this photo taken a few weeks ago at a funfair where there was a steam engine ride. Oliver, his Dad and my 2 girls went on it. So this is where the idea for my card came from

I hunted on-line for a picture of his favourite Engine from Thomas The Tank Engine. At the moment it is Diesel, I hope he hasn't switched trains by Saturday. LOL

I open both pictures in Photoshop and "cut" Oliver out of the main pic, flipped him and placed him in the carriage of the train. I can go into more detail if anyone wants me to, but it would of been very long-winded and boring!!!

Next I got a white A4 piece of hammered card, folded it in half and scored. I worked out where I wanted to place the photo and cut 4 slits into the card. I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Broken China, Shabby Shutters and Faded Denim and blended the 3 colours on the card. On the white card, I placed some numbered 3 peel-offs, inked over in 3 corners with broken china, then placed some more 3's and inked in the opposite 3 corners. Next I put the wording using peel-offs and inked over the whole card using faded denim.

I then took all the peel-offs off and was left with a shadow effect for the wording.

I placed the photo into the slits and the card was made.

This is the photo printed onto shrink plastic and shrink'ed.

I decided to do a little extra on this card as Oliver is also my Godson. When I was getting the photo ready for the card, I decided to make a fridge magnet with the same image. It really is quite easy to do!

First of all load the image you want to use into photoshop and bleach it, without losing all the details, the more faded the better. Then set your printer onto draft as too much ink and it won't work. This is a 6x4 piece of shrink plastic.

Place the "photo" into a oven and watch the magic begin. Wait until it has stopped twisting and curling and has straighten up. Quickly place it on a heatproof mat, (I used a glass chopping board) and use something heatproof to flatten the image (I used a glass coaster).

I then inked the edges with black staz-on. I stuck a magnetic strip across the back, used a couple of foam pads and attached it to the inside of the card.


This is Chloe's first attempt at decoupage. I think she has done really well!!


As usual Aimee's card is quite colourful and loaded with stickers, toppers, foams, and whatever she can get her hands on !!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

More birthday cards

Aimee was invited to 2 parties over the holidays, here are the cards that I made for her friends.

Both are from Disney Fairies 3D decoupage. I bought the book at Paper Paradise awhile ago, as I thought between Chloe and Aimee that it would be good value for making cards...... Okay, okay, I have to be honest, I love fairies and I have to have some good reason for buying the book.

For these 2 I just followed the instructions in the book. You are provided with all images, card, tags, vellum, etc. every thing you need except glue and the tools. I like doing this kind of craft as I find cutting out all the little pieces calming.

When I make the next card I will take more pics to show you, again these were done in a rush. MUST PLAN MY TIME BETTER!!!!! Must not leave everything to the last minute!!! Yeah right!!! when that happens pigs will fly. LOL

Here is the book that the cards are made from. Sue and Paul have other themes as well, but as I said I like fairies so I got this one.

The Book

The Cut out Fairies

The Vellum

The Tags and Embellishments

The Card stock

Templates for cutting out shapes

What the cards should look like if you do it right!!!!

Backing Images

Friday, 3 August 2007

Birthday Cards

It's Steve's Mum's birthday on Sunday. And since I have begun crafting I hate buying pre-made cards now, so all cards sent by us is usually made by me.

I try to get the girls involved as much as I can, they do like to make their own cards, it is easier now because they are on holidays, hopefully the weather won't change, but if it does I might get them to start making their Christmas cards, that might keep them quite for a few days........or maybe not???

This is my card

I have used an Anna Griffin pack, that Steve's mum sent me. It is such a lovely pack, I use it only for special occasions.

I tried to scan in the paper and toppers before I cut them and used them, unfortunately the pink stripy paper didn't scan and I didn't notice until I went to do this post. I cut strips of the pink paper to make the criss-cross design. I then traced around a 2p to get the circles and punched little hearts all from the pink paper.

I then cut out the roses and the greeting, inked the edges with colorbox Old Rose cat's eye.
I punched the a hole in the greeting, and added a ribbon.

I stuck everything down unto the red design card, I used foam pads under the roses to give the card some definition.

This is the front of Aimee's Card

The inside of Aimee's card

This is Chloe's card

The girls have a shoebox that I fill up for them, they can take what they want from the box and I won't start freaking out that they are near MY PRECIOUS STASH. If I see something that they might use I will get and put it into the box for them. I also put a lot freebies from the many magazines that I get into the box too!!