Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A tea party and some cheerleading!

On Monday my neighbour was minding her 2 granddaughters and they decided to have a tea party, all the children were invited and I can tell you they had a fantastic time by all the giggling I could here from over the fence. I have blanked out the faces of the other children as I don't have permission, but you get the idea!

Next it was cheer leading!!!! The doorbell went, I answered it there was Aimee with a piece of paper, she gave it to me and said be there and took off?????

I read the note, I was invited to a cheer leading show at 4:00 pm and to bring a donation as they were doing the show for a collection for the soldiers!!!! Our neighbour is collecting items to fill shoe boxes to send out to the soldiers, so that's where they got the idea! They were funny and for a couple of hours work putting it together it wasn't that bad, all the mums and dads enjoyed it! The collected nearly £10 for the soldiers and then presented it to our neighbour who was thrilled and said she would buy more items for the shoe boxes! Again I have blanked out faces!


Will done kids!!!!


Okay I have spent the last 3 nights trying to sort out my blog!!! I have half way looking decent at the moment, so I am stepping away from the editing and leaving it alone! I know my header is a bit stretched will fix it later.

Today saw Chloe starting her second year of high school. Looking forward and not nervous!!! Basically that's all I have to report, when she came home and I asked how was school "FINE" she says, and then I draw some blood as I was asking were all her friends back? "Yeah", did they go anywhere exciting "Some", you get the drift!!! She got some Geography homework. Which she did straight away while waiting for dinner to cook!!! Bless!

It also saw the start of me working from 9:00am to 1:00pm 5 days a weeks as a permanent part-time TA, lol what a mouth full. This is defiantly the place I want to be in until ....... I win the lotto!!!!!

My little Miss is starting a whole new adventure tomorrow!!! She moves schools and will be traveling on a bus to and from!!!! I am bringing her to school tomorrow morning, well it is her first morning and she is going to a whole new school, new building, new teachers, new pupils, new rules, etc ..... okay it's for me, Aimee would quite happily get on the bus tomorrow morning without another thought, its her soft mum that wants to bring her to school on her first day, and then be a nervous wreck waiting for her to come home in the evening, Yes I know Chloe will be with her on most of the bus journey!!! Aimee is soooo excited to be going on a bus and to a new school, she is just so confident for a 4 year old, it's quite scary really!!!!!

I leave you with some pics of Chloe on her first day back!