Thursday, 4 September 2008

Start of something new!

I dropped off Aimee at school today! She was brilliant, no clinging, no tantrums, no crying, etc She just gave me a kiss goodbye and said see you later!!! Even though it was a totally new experience for her. Can't say the same for myself I wanted to cling, I wanted to throw a tantrum and scream she's too young, she's my baby and I did cry!!!! Aimee spoke to her new teacher who she didn't meet before as if she knew all the time, she saw where everything went, where her tray was, where to put her lunchbox, where to hang her coat, etc As I was talking to her teacher she could see I was getting a little weepy and said to me I know she is in early but do you want to go, as you can see she is going to be fine and I said I had better before I upset Aimee!!!

Then the wait from 3:45 till 4:00 for the bus to come, it finally did, it seemed such a long wait!!!! Off she came all smiles! Asked how it went (got a little more info than Chloe) she made 2 best friends, got in a disagreement about Hannah Montana and Bratz, drew some pictures, ate all her lunch, loves her new teacher and had a brilliant day!!!

Nervous? Yeah Right!!!

Looking forward to a new school

My baby, look how small she looks - sigh!!!

Well done Aimee I am soo proud of you!!! xxxx