Saturday, 31 May 2008

A new room!!!

Aimee's room is a box room, she had a bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe and you could barley swing a cat!!!!

We decided to knock 2 cupboards and open them into Aimee's room. I cupboard was in Aimee's room and was useless as you couldn't open it fully so things just got thrown in there. The other cupboard was reached by the hallway!!! Steve made a fantastic job of knocking the walls down, moving a radiator, wallpapering, painting, putting down carpet extra!!!!!!

At the moment we don't have the wardrobe in!!! But we banned Aimee from looking at her room when we began wallpapering. She hasn't seen her room in 3/4 days. I am saying now AIMEE PICKED OUT THE WALLPAPER AND PAINT COLOUR..... NOT ME!!!!!

We also got her matching duvet set, curtains, wall stickers and light shade withour her knowing!!! I took some photos of her coming in to the room and she was for the first time speechless and all she could say was WOW!!!!!

Once we get the wardrobes done, I will post more pics!!!!

First Decoration

2ND Decoration

As it is now!

I think she likes!!!!


Friday, 30 May 2008

A funny poem

Found this on forum posted by Lynn!!!

Wife says to husband...
"Look - I got invited to a 'party' and I won't have to buy a basket, or jewelry, or candles, or even another plastic container!

This party is different because I'm going to MAKE a page for a scrapbook!

I'm going to learn how to put all those pictures we keep in a box into a photo album that will last lifetimes!"

FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS what can be heard in the home:

-"How much can a pair of scissors cost? And why do you need an entire cutting system if you bought scissors?"

-"The photo album was HOW MUCH? You HAD to get a paper trimmer too?
Then please tell me ... what are the scissors for?"

-"How many magazines do you need to buy to be INSPIRED? And what's with all this paper?"

-"You want what for your birthday? A Xyron? What the heck is Xyron?"

-"I don't understand why you need a digital camera. The 35mm I bought
after college works just fine."

-"OUCH!!!! I just stepped on one of your %&*(*&% eyelets! "

-"MORE paper? You haven't even used up what you got already!"

-"First the camera, then the printer, what's next a scanner?"

-"I see ... so if we get these Target cubes you'll be able to see the paper you have and then you won't have to buy anymore?"

-"Son, how many times have I told you - You CANNOT play with Mommy’s tools!"

-"I don't get it...why do we have to go to Lowes to get paint chips if we aren't doing any painting around here?"

-"Don't worry sweetie...we won't tell Mommy you borrowed her stickers to make Barbie look pretty."

-"You had a 40% off coupon and you still spent over $100??"

-"What do you need all this yarn for? You don't even knit! Do you?"

-"No dear. I do not know how to scan and stitch. Maybe someone on YOUR message board can help you there."

-"Who took Daddy's sandpaper?"

-"It's 11PM. Isn't that layout done YET?"

-"Shhh ...don't tell Daddy that Mommy borrowed his sandpaper."

-"Yes, I guess we can stop at that cute little scrapbook store during our vacation."

-"You're going to take a ********? I meant going to a crop... never mind."


-"So who is this Becky Higgins and what's the big deal about her? She an actress or something?"

-"I thought you already had a sewing machine. So what's this one for?"

-"No..I've never printed on vellum before..YES..I can help you figure out the right printer settings..but what the heck is vellum?"

-"Queen of the week doesn't mean you won't still make dinner, right? Right? Whew."

-"You just joined a what? A swap? I'm really happy for you honey."

-"MORE paper? What's so special about this 'BRAZIL' paper?"

And the hardest one of all...

-"Where did all these boxes of pictures come from...I thought you were going to put them all in a scrapbook! "


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Scraplift and stitching Challenges!

I have done this layout to for two challenges! This is my favourite photo from my wedding! My Nan who we sadly lost in 2004, is in the photo, and she looks so proud to be standing with us!!! I am the eldest grandchild and Chloe was the only great grandchild at that time! The rub on wording that I picked just seemed to fit! As there are 3 Mums, 2 Grandmothers, 1 Daughter, 2 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grandchild, in combination between the 4 of us!!!! LOL

The first challenge was to scrap lift a member's layout from the Critique Group #3, on!Here's my scrap lift!

More or less the same! LOL

The other challenge was Tracey's Stitching Class on Paper Paradise Forum!

I have used mostly K&Co stash on this page!!! The backing paper, the patterned paper, the matting paper, the paper covering the wording all are from their range!

Both the wording and bird rub-ons are from the same range!

The letters in the title are from K&Co Chipboard K.Ology range! I am a very mean scrapper, what I usually do is not use any of these letters and trace around them onto the paper that I have picked out!!!! Which is what I have done in this case. Once I have the letters traced out and cut out, I glued them to some packing cardboard waited for them to try and cut them out! I then sanded down around the edges of the letters with sandpaper to bring out the white core!!! I have sanded all edges on this layout including the photo!

Once I knew where all the pieces of paper were going, I lightly marked an edge on each piece! I lifted them all off in order and turned them upside down on the table! I used an easy fix runner to add some double sided stickiness to the paper, placed on the paper (I have done this to all pieces to hold them in place while I stitched). I then hand stitched around the edge of the first piece and done the same to all the others and the photo! It is hard to see but I have used different thicknesses of thread on each piece! First piece has just 2 strands of thread, the next has the full lot (6 strands), and the photos has 3 strands!

Once all the pieces were stuck down I copied Tracey's swirl in pencil (Just turned it around). I then used my pokey tool to place holes for me to stitch. Rubbed out the pencil marks and stitched! I then glued (I used Anita's Tacky Glue) Prima Flowers and some crystals! I know the rule is to use 3, but because there was 4 of us, I added 4!

I then added my title, just used a glue stick!

I then glued the 3 Papermaina flowers and added Crystal Stickers Pearls to the center of each (see I do follow the rules sometimes).

I cut out the rub ons that I wanted to use and rubbed them into place!!!!

I finally added stickles in places along the letters! Well it is a wedding photo and every wedding photo needs bling ...... okay I confess I have a stickles addiction, lol!!!

The reason for all the wine colour:- my bridesmaids dresses were made from that colour along with some of the cake decorations, flowers, etc!!!


Monday, 19 May 2008

My Beautiful Girls!!!!


Chloe's Photo Shoot!!!

When Chloe saw the photos that I had taken of Aimee, she wanted some too!!! I didn't react, just said alright if tomorrow is nice we will go!!! Luckily it was and I got some beautiful shots of Chloe!!!! Aimee came too so I got nice shots of both of them as well, see next post!


Aimee's Photo Shoot, LOL

I am going to sooooo bore you with this post!!! LOL I wanted to try out a few different photo techniques while the Cherry Blossoms still had there petals!!!! Aimee was a willing model, Chloe went into teenage mood "I don't want to". So off went Aimee and me to find some Cherry Blossoms at least we didn't have far to go, about 5 mins, lol!!!!! I always get the girls to pose for me, then when I see them getting a little bored I ask them to do some crazy poses for me, they enjoy it and I get some fantastic shots, I then ask them again to pose and just before I am finished I ask them for the crazy shots again, this works for me!!!!!!

I don't want to think what passerbys thought, as I was laid down on the ground for some of the shots with Aimee standing over me!!! Here are some of the results, I took over 200 shots!

The first 2 shots are me over exposing the shots and then editing in PSE!!! I have shown the original shot and then the edited version!

Just the run of the mill poses, but beautiful to me!!!!!

Thanks for been bored and TFL


Sunday, 18 May 2008

May Colour Challenge Part 2

I am entering this one in the Colour challenge too, as we can enter 2 one in each section!!!

SIL's recent page was the idea that I had in my head, she got there first, lol!!! I still wanted to use a lot of ribbons, so I changed my background to the other way round black on white instead of white on black and where AG has used staples I have used brads, I also used smaller width ribbons, and have made mine a more circular page.

I have used 89 brads and 89 pieces of ribbon!!! The ribbons were from DH's Mum (thanks!!), American Crafts Down Town Ribbon. The brads I couldn't tell who made them, I have had most of them for ages, and stored them by colour instead of brand name, lol!!!! I have used the Inkadinkado stamps again, they are so easy to work with and I love the distressed look I got on this page! I have used Jo Sonja's Brilliant Magenta paint! The title letters, I have with ages, which came free with Scrapbook Inspirations ages and ages ago! White and Black Bazzill.

This page is to say how proud I am of Chloe, she recently went through what every woman goes through and was fantastic about it!!! I was always going to scrap this photo in B&W as Chloe wasn't feeling too good and she was a good sport at letting me take the photo! (She still is embarrassed about it, poor love, and asked me not to say anything to anyone, so this is why I am talking in code and for once not sharing my journaling!).


May Colour Challenge Part 1

I have created this page for BIL's birthday, but I also managed to fit it into May's Colour challenge, (I think), hosted by SuperAllyFan on The criteria was to use black or white background, a B&W photo and 5 or more colours in embellishments!!! I have the black background, the B&W photo sort of, as I have re-coloured Ben in!!! And there are more than 5 different shades of blue and also some white embellies! I will see if I will be left enter it, if not the challenge gave me fab inspiration for creating the page in the first place. This is the reason I enter these challenges!!! They really give me a kick start on getting my layouts completed!

I have used Bazzill black cardstock. Making Memories Artisan Edge Blue paper. Prima Espirt Blue Flowers. Bazzill Flowers (the bigger ones). Inkadinkado Stamps (recently purchased and I LOVE THEM). Selection of brads, buttons and gems. Blue gel pen and a Sakura White Glaze pen!

I have made two of these layouts one for BIL with no journaling on it, so he can fill in what he wants. The only difference between the two is that my writing on the title changed, lol!!!!

I hope he likes it!!!!


Saturday, 10 May 2008

Bondi Beech

My brother and his girlfriend have just spent the last year in Australia. John sent over a disc full of photos and this was the first photo on the disc called Fabulous, was toying with the idea of using that as the title! They had gone to Singapore first, but didn't enjoyed it. This photo is from their first day in Australia. They had rented a flat about 10 mins walk from Bondi Beech and could see the beech from their window!

The shells and coral are from the beech which he also sent with the disc. He also popped in some stickers which is were the Australian flag came from!

Tracy has a stitching class posted on Paper Paradise's forum. The swirls are made from white and "hairy" embroidery thread, I thought waves!!!!

I am also entering it into scrap that large photo! When I saw that challenge I knew exactly which photo would be perfect!!!

The page is very simple as I wanted all the focus on the beautiful photo! The shells have some pva glue on the inside and Glossy Accents painted on the outside, for a wet look and to protect them a little more. The title was cut on my Robo, and outlined with black pen! The journal tag under the photo has some information on their journey!


Thursday, 8 May 2008


The mum of one of Chole's dance friends did the make up on all the girls in their group for the show, I love this woman, she even blinged up their faces!!! And I have prised the bling off of Chloe to use in a page of her!!!!! This was taken with me sitting in the front seat of the car and Chloe in the backseat, it's not the best but I wanted to catch the make up before it got too smudged, I am glad I did as by the time we got home, there was a few smudges!!!