Sunday, 7 December 2008

Dressing the Tree!

Unfortunaley Chloe was in bed poorly when we decorated the tree! I put up the lights and Aimee done the decorating! And a fantatstic job she did too.

We don't put baby Jesus into the manager until Christmas Day and the tradition is that the youngest person in the house places the Baby into the Crib!

Aimee with the help of Steve placing the Angel on the tree next year it will be Chloe's turn.

Messing around with photoshop for this photo!

A photo looking up at the tree.

Card Scrap Challenge

In November I issued a challenge to the members of Paper Paradise Forum. I sent out a little pack of goodies for all to make a card out of! The rules were that you have to use at least a bit of everything. But I threw them a wild card I added in these naff little stars that I had kicking around for ages, and to make it fairer I added a get out clause that they could pick one thing not to use but had to explain why!

I am delighted by the results and everyone used the naff stars, which these ladies have turned from naff into wonderful embellishments.

There is a poll in the forum, but I thought I would also add another poll here at the top of the right column. I will tally up both results. Voting until 15th December midnight.

This is the pack that I sent out

This is my example

and the inside.

Here are the fab cards that everyone sent in!





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