Friday, 22 February 2008


Okay, I am only posting this photo as I love it and wanted to share!!! :)

It was taken today at her friends birthday party!!!


OOPS! I forgot to post photos of Pancake Day!!!

In our house DH makes the pancakes, this year he had two helpers! Both girls mixed the batter, Chloe poured it into the pan, both girls had a go at flipping!!! Chloe has the knack for it, by the end she was able to flip it very high and catch it, Aimee got help from her Daddy!!! Aimee tried the pancakes but doesn't like them yet, Dh and I have sugar and lemon juice, Chloe has honey!!!

Luckily there was nothing else in the jug, when the shell went in. This egg was thrown in the bin and the jug washed out!!! Just thought the capture of the egg breaking in Aimee's hand was a good shot!!!!


Thursday 21st - Weelsby Park

Next stop the park, the girls ran around loads, up and down slides, swinging on swings and zipping along the zip wire!!!

After all this we went home!!!!


Thursday 21st - Cleethorpes Front

After the wood we went to Cleethorpes for lunch, a yummy tray of chips each!!! We ate our chips in the car as it was too windy to eat outside! The girls then burnt off some more energy on their scooters along the promanarde!


Thursday 21st - Bradley Woods

On Thursday morning we dropped DH off to work, and I took the girls to Bradley Woods! Luckly I made them wear wellies, hats, scarfs, gloves etc. It was really muddy!!! It was cold but not freezing, we spent about an hour and half walking, then came back to the car, while the girls were changing out of their wellies, I went in search of photos, I got some shots of birds, but the squirell was the winner for me!!!

TFL xxxx

Wednesday 20th Feb - Chocolate Sweets

I had promised the girls that we would do some fun things this mid term, but unfortunately I came down with a horrible cold that lasted for over 3 weeks! So Mon, Tue and Wed I wasn't feeling great so we didn't go out anywhere! Aimee and I made some chocolate sweets from a Bratz advent calender plastic moulds, they came out fantastic and Aimee had a lot of fun!

The next few posts are photos of what we did on Thursday!!!

Birthday card by Aimee

On Firday Aimee has been invited to one of her school friends birthday party. Here is the card that she made!

Notice Aimee also likes Tinkerbell!!! LOL


First BOM page completed!!!

I was asked to join a group of 12 fantastic ladies, Critique Group #3 on, The idea behind the group is to help you get creative, think outside the box, encourage you, become friends, join in on swaps and most of all have fun!

This month we were to create a BOM page and a scraplift from Sherrise's Gallery, which shows her fantastic layouts.

The scraplift not a problem, the BOM page, YIKES!!!! I have never completed a BOM page!
So I had the page I wanted to scraplift "
Oh how things change " picked out, so I picked out two of the very few photos of me as a baby. I completed the layout on 8x8, as I thought it wouldn't be so daunting, and as they are baby photos, I actually didn't mind creating the layout, this will be a different story as I have to scrap grown up and more recent photos of me!!!!!!

Anywayss here it is!


Aimee's Layouts

Over the mid term Aimee completed 3 layouts, these are all done in 8x8! I don't help Aimee, all I do is put the words in the right order for her to glue down! I think at 4 years old her pages ROCK!!!

I have to try so hard not to butt in and try and take over as you can see she has a style all of her own, and when she has enough of creating she says "That's it mum, I am going to play with my toys now".

These are the layouts she completed this mid term!

She only wanted to do one page, the last time she had a go, and this is her first page!!!

Hopefully she will come to me and ask when she can do a page, as she did this mid term, while she was watching me make mine!!!!

Love Ya Babes!!!!


Colour Challenge

This month we had to include the colours Salmon Pink, Lime Green and Orange!! Heh??? I have never used these colours before. But remembered I done an Altered Frame for my nieces birthday, and it had two of those colours in it already! So I decided I would try and make a layout the same!

I included the orange by adding orange brads!

Here is the result

I actually used the photo frame from the one I broke when I was altering the original! First of all I made the paper stronger by gluing cardboard from a cereal packet onto the back. Then more or less done the same as the frame!


Doodle Challenge

Yikes!!! This month we had to doodle on our photos, something I have never done, I usually leave the photos alone, as I hate to do anything to a photo! I gritted my teeth and got on with it!!!

Here is the result!!!

I like it, but wished I had made the word Pose bigger!!! At least I done it!!!