Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Venture Experience .......


Quote from an earlier post in March:-

"On Saturday we went on a photo shoot. I hate having my photo taken, but I must say the photographer really put me at ease and I actually quite enjoyed it ...... the part where the girls got their photos taken on their own and individually LOL. Unfortunately we will only be getting the "free" framed 7x5 photo that comes with the package as the prices start from around £300 for a couple of 4x4 inch photos in a frame!!! Dh is going back to pick out the photo, cause it will break my heart to see all the fantastic photos I know he has taken!!! Seriously thinking of booking a proper photographer and getting him to do the same kind of shots, and then I could justify spending £300 on a full set of photos!!! - Unquote

Tonight we went to see the results even though I wasn't going to go, I decided to tag along and keep my mouth shut!! We were lead into a room with couches and a big screen and music playing to show us our photos. We were shown about 20 photos and to be honest I actually found it hard to pick 4 photos that I liked.

The shots were of sides of heads, bleached out faces, eyes closed, squashed noses (group photo), over coloured hair, the list goes on.

There were two shots of Chloe (two moody shots) that I liked and two of Aimee (she wore her Princess Belle dress and looked adorable, and one of her lying on the floor looking up at the photographer as she was explaining her Puppies In My Pocket toys, except for the hair colouring which was orange and really bleached out face) there was one of me and the girls which I kinda liked and there was one of Steve and the girls.

We wanted a family shot so we picked the best of what they showed us!!!! The lady said oh so you like traditional shots were no one is moving, I replied No I like photos were you can see all of the faces, I am sorry but I don't want to hang a photo of a back of a head or half a face or where it looks like the person is falling down the side of the photo (KWIM). I would of loved for some of the shots to have shown all the faces so you could actually see who was in the photo!!! If that is traditional than yes that's what I like. Like come on why would you pay all that money and not even see who is in the shot "Oh yeah that's the back of Chloe's head, liked the way her hair looked in that shot" I could understand if it was a part of 3 shots. What am I on about? One of the photos was of Chloe and Aimee, Aimee was posed beautifully smiling beautifully and Chloe was giving her a kiss on the cheek, except all you could see was the back of Chloe's head. If this was part of 3, one of Aimee kissing Chloe, the two of them looking at the camera and then one of Chloe kissing Aimee I could understand, but never would we of been able to afford to buy a series of those shots anyway!!!

Oh we didn't get the hard sell, lol, she could see we were not impressed so she didn't even try!

I am sorry if you have had the Venture Experience and love those kind of shots, this is my blog and this is my opinion.

Is it because I take so many photos myself and I am very critical of them, only choosing the ones that show off the people in them to their best and discarding the rest (backs of heads, over exposure, etc) I have always loved cameras and photos (the ones without me in them), I was always the one growing up in our family who kept photos in albums and when got old enough got to use the camera and take the photos (cameras weren't as common then and getting them developed cost a lot of money), I don't know, but the photos we looked at today would be ones that I if I took would not be happy with them..... I still say photos that you can recognise the people in them are my kind of photos!

Candid shots are fab sometimes, like when you photograph children walking away from you, or a mum and a dad looking at a newborn baby, or baby feet and hands, or when children's heads are together and they are plotting something or you catch a speacil moment and the subjects don't notice, yes I like these shots I take a lot of them, or wedding shots where the photographer takes a lot of candid shots, but the photographer also takes a lot of traditional shots that are posed and you get the choice of picking what you want. But for me when you want a family group shot and you are only getting the one, yes I would like to see all the faces.

Thanks for reading my rant, as I said I don't like getting my photo taken, but with all the hype I thought it was going to be sooo hard to pick a photo, I was so disappointed with struggling to find one that we liked!!! So it will be back to Hull in 6 to 8 weeks to pick up the photo as everything is "handmade".