Saturday, 19 January 2008

Face Paints + Lots of Costumes =

Ruth invited us around for a fish and chip tea, once we had eaten the girls went to play in Georgia's room!!! Here is the result, got to love the imagination of children!!!

Quite happy with it, expect for the mermaid, when I was drawing her I left the pen on the page a touch too long, so she has got huge lips, LOL

The hardest part of this was sticking the sequins under the word Mermaid, thought I was going to go crazy, used Anita's Tacky Glue! Wanted the effect of fish scales. I think I manged it.

This layout actually took me 3 nights to complete, even though there isn't much on the page. The words took ages to draw in, and then the little hand drawn pictures took awhile, and my lovely sequins took forever!

I added some more smaller pics of the outfits the girls put together on the back of the journal tag!

There are more photos of the girls on Ruth's Blog, if you want to have a nosey!!!

I have entered it in two challenges
Doodle - Twist - Doodle your title, all the words on this page have been hand written along with all the little pictures.

Multi pic
There are 4 pics on the main page and a further 3 on the journal tag behind the main photo!

Thanks for looking!