Saturday, 29 May 2010

.A proper little lady now!!!

Just a quick post!!!

Aimee showing off her periced ears ....

Fun Day out at Cleethorpes

We planned to have a day out at Cleethorpes as John and Mairead have never been, but we lucked out with the weather. But we decided to go anyway, so on with the raincoats and off we went.

What do you do when you get to a seafront and its windy and rainy you hit the arcade games ....

We spent about 2 hours in there, we had a laugh didn't waste too much money, we set our budgets and walked out when we spent it!!!

We took a walk around the shops and souvenir shops as Mairead wanted to get a fridge magnet (oops my fault as I asked them to collect magnets while they were in Australia, she got bitten by the bug) and some rocks!

We passed a body and tattoo parlour and Steve asked Aimee how brave she was!!! She said "you know I am very brave" he said "how about getting your ears pierced then?" Aimee of course said "Oh yes please" Aimee has been asking for her ears to be pierced for a long, long time! I had said to her she could get them done for her First Holy Communion which is 2 years away!!!

So in we went, the lovely lady (who had lots of pericing and tattoos) spoke to Aimee, told her how to take care of them, how much it hurts, and all that!

Then it was time

First ear .....

Aimee jumped, I jumped!! Aimee says ooooh that hurts, and very nearly started to cry! The lady went on to explain that it will hurt a little bit, but then it will go ... Steve jumped in and said lets get the other one done, before I could say it as we could see Aimee thinking it over and we were afraid she would back out of the second one!

Second ear ....

Aimee jumped, I jumped!!! Aimee was brilliant and said it still hurts but I have my ears pierced, so while she was admiring herself in the mirror, I stepped outside and took a few deep breathes! Oh how I hate seeing my girls get hurt (even if it is something like ear piercing)!!!

She kept saying I was very brave, wasn't I!!! Yes sweetheart you were incredibly brave!

So on we went to take a walk along the pier!

The flowers were very pretty!

The magnet Mairead bought had donkeys on it, so I made them go down on the sand and get their photos taken with the REAL donkeys, lol

After stuffing our faces with donuts and ice cream, we decided we would go bowling! Mairead, John and I have only ever been once! Steve has been lots of times and the girls have never been!!!






and me!

We had a laugh, we all done better than we thought we would, but just look at those scores : (

We finished off the day at the Indian and Chinese buffet all you can eat!!! We certainly did, I think we all had 3 helpings of their beautiful ice cream, mmmmhhh!!!!

All in all, even if the day was horrible weather wise, the company and activities sure made up for it!