Friday, 3 October 2008

No crafting but a lot of puking, lol!!!

Sorry about the title but couldn't resist!!!!

We all set off for a normal day on Monday, when I got home after work, I found Dh at home and he frightened the life out of me! Aimee's school had rung him to fetch Aimee home as she vomited after eating her lunch, the poor lamb was sound asleep on the sofa when I got home! Dh then took Tuesday and Wednesday off and brought her to the doctor on Wednesday, she gave her a through check up and told him it was a bug that was making the school rounds at the moment!! Aimee was vomiting, coughing and running a high fever for the last few days. I took Thursday off and Thursday evening I caught the bug, so I have been off today and kept Aimee off with me even though she is on the mend, she doesn't have her full appetite back yet. I am feeling a better now, so I am hoping to get some crafting done tonight, fingers crossed!