Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Assembly and dentist

Just a little journaling tonight!!! A memory that I want Aimee to remember!

Today was Aimee's first assembly in St Joseph's! I knew Aimee had a few lines to say! "If we don't wash our hands properly we will pass the germs from our hands to our food and then to our stomachs which will make us ill", little miss had all this learnt off in the first evening she brought it home. The school nurse had given them a talk on how to wash hands properly and brought in the germ seeing machine!!! A little black box with a ultra violet light, which highlights the germs on your hands.

The children have also been learning about families, they have been reading books about the Large Family (Family of elephants, funny books), drawing and painting their families. They then picked one of the books "A piece of Cake" to act out. My Aimee was the narrator! She had a whole load of lines to say, and she only stumbled once!!! I can't believe how confident she is! No nerves, smiling all the time!!! This assembly was a pleasure to watch! For a treat their teacher baked them a chocolate cake for them to have! As the children were filing back out of the Hall, Mrs Keys said "I'd better take this cake with me, what do you think will happen if I leave it here?", children answered back the "mummies and daddies will eat it". Aimee piped up and said "you don't have to worry about my mummy, she won't eat it, she doesn't like cake" LOL and of course she said it sooo loud everyone could hear! LOL

Unfortunately Aimee's school is one of the ones that doesn't allow photos or videos, so this blog is even more important now, as all I have are these words from her assembly!

Then I dashed off to pick up Chloe for her appointment at the orthodontic clinic!!! Just made it with a few minutes to spare. We found out that her brace wasn't working properly, Chloe has to use a "key" to click on the brace twice a week to tighten up the brace! So the last 6 weeks nothing was happening!!!!

I managed to sneak into Tesco's after that and pick up a little something for Tracey, I hope she has fun with it, it should help with using up all those scraps from the December a Day Book that we have decided to do! WHY, OH WHY? do I do these things, it's not like I don't have enough to do already, haven't even started on Christmas cards yet!!!! But it looked like such a brilliant idea and excellent memory keeper!

That's it! I am actually going to start on some cards tonight, I have to, lol!!!!