Sunday, 10 August 2008

Blog candy!!!!!!

Hilde is soon to celebrate 65 000 visitors on her blog!! and this is how she is celebrating by giving away this fab blog candy!!! Go here for a chance to win it!


Found some more

Mueppi is celebrating have reached over 5,000 hits on her blog, check it out here!

BBC2 - Funny Work Story

I work with children aged 3 to 5, so you can imagine the funny things that I hear!!!! Mainly just one liners or getting mixed up with names.

But for me this was my funniest:

I wear hearing aids and this is a brilliant ice breaker for children as they always ask me what are they!!!! I am not bothered by them as they help me, before I got them everyone would have to repeat themselves 4 or 5 times, everything would have to be soo loud for me to hear.

Anyways I was explaining to a child what they were, and I always throw in that they make my hearing super strong .... she went off and was talking to another child and was telling her "Mrs Philips ear aids are super strong and that we have to be careful or she will hear what our brains are thinking, I wonder if she will be able to hear me when I go home"

Not really a funny story to tell but as they say "You'd have to have been there", it was the way she was telling it, her expression that was so serious.