Sunday, 16 November 2008

Aimee at a friends party

This post is another memory keeper!!! I like this blogging as it is a whole lot better than keeping a written diary!

Aimee was invitied to a party this afternoon at a children's play area called Play Towers, it's filled with soft climbing, slides, tunnels and all sorts. Children love it, Aimee certainly did! A quick snap of Aimee during the birthday lunch.

I know I shouldn't but I can't help seeing the differences between Chloe and Aimee at the same age. We arrived at Play Towers a little early, and we couldn't see any of Aimee's friends. Aimee took off her coat and boots and said "here mum, I am going to have a look to see if I can find anyone". Sure enough she found a couple of class mates that were already playing. For the whole time she came to me once when she scrubbed her elbow on a slide, a quick kiss and she was off again. They this huge black slide, I have been down it and it is very fast and really high up, lots of climbing to get to it. Aimee went down this slide I don't know how many times!!! At this age Chloe would of clung to me until she had seen her friends and would of kept comming back to check that I was still there! Amazing the confidence differences between the two, I have always tried to get the girls to be more confident and out going, as I was very shy at Chloe's age. Chloe now isn't shy at all! I have two very confident girls on my hands now, God help me!!!!