Monday, 18 May 2009

Mama Mia ....

The DVD's of Aimee and Chloe's dance show have finally been released!!!! They done the show at the start of April. I have watched it and WOW, so much better than last years DVD!!! Fantastic work by the Media Students at Grimsby College!

On the site of the girls Dance Group, A & M's Freedom Freestyle Dance, they have put up some of the DVD, and you can see Aimee dancing her Mama Mia routine and her Ice, Ice Baby routine, for those who are interested, the Mama Mia one is under Mega Mix 1 in the playlist, the last routine on the mix 03:30 to be exact, lol, can't miss them as they are dressed in 70's outfits! Aimee is dressed the same as another girl, she is the little one with the pink headband, pink top, yellow waistcoat and flowery pants, lol For the Ice, Ice, Baby one it is uner Mega Mix 2, at 01:50, and Aimee is 2nd from the right as you watch it! I AM SOOO PROUD OF BOTH OF THEM, they put sooo much work into this show! Well done to both of them!

Go here to check it out!!!