Monday, 30 June 2008

Big Blog Challenge Farewell

Today is the last day of the challenge!!!!! I have really enjoyed playing and getting to see blogs that I would of never known existed!!!! But I must say a little of me is relieved that it is over!!! 50 blogs a day to keep up with is alot!!!! We didn't have to post a comment on every blog each day, but I couldn't not, as I would feel it was bad manners not to, and what if everyone picked the same blogs to post a comment as I did, then those others would be getting no comments!!!!

There are definitely some blogs that I will be keeping up with as these ladies are funny, inspiring and lovely people!!!!

I will be leaving my blog open, it was never closed on purpose in the first place, so if ya wanna comment feel free to do so!!!!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope each and everyone of you have happy lives and get some of those dreams that you want!!!!


BBC - Copy and paste a great e-mail!

I think this has to be the best e-mail I have received so far!!!!!

Hi ya Helena

Thank you for sharing your awesome work with us. We would like to publish your GEORGE MARTIN layout in a forthcoming issue of Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine. Please bear in mind occasionally we run out of space & the readers gallery is the first to be cut I'm afraid.

I need you to confirm that you would still like your work to be published and if you can meet the deadline, that it is your own design and has not been submitted to any other magazine immediately. I also need you to complete the attached sheet and return it to me via email by 31 August 2007.

We prefer work that has not been displayed in online galleries but if yours is online please remove it immediately. It may be put online after the magazine has hit the stands.

Please post your original layout by recorded or special delivery, this should reach our Bath office by Thursday 30 August 2007 (Royal Mail permitting):

Your original layout will be returned with a complimentary copy of the magazine that your work appears in. This will not be until 3-4 weeks after the magazine has gone on sale.



and the best news was that it did manage to get published, click here if you want to have a look!!!!

As this is the last post for the Big Blog Challenge, I would like to say it has been a fantastic, crazy, hair pulling, deep thinking, fun!!!!!

I have loved looking at the other players blog, which I will be checking in from time to time, not to the extent that I have been for the challenge, or in a few weeks I wouldn't been able to function!!!!

So thanks all you lovely ladies for sharing you blogs, and leaving some wonderful comments on mine!!!!!!

And a special mention for the lovely Hostess Tiphini, who has done a fantastic job of getting the challenges together and given out RAK's!!!!!!!