Thursday, 28 February 2008

Mother Day Cards

Well this year was easy to come up with a design!!! As Lazy Kay came up with a fab challenge for us on the Paper Paradise Forum!!!

These were the details that were included in our package:

Make a card using the materials provided in the pack.
While you must use the elements in the pack for the challenge to work, you don't have to use ALL the components.

You can add some of your own materials.

When you are happy with your card, e-mail it.

On the last day of the month, I will post all the pictures on my blog (LK's Blog) for you to see!

The card you made is yours to do as you wish!

These were the materials

And this was the expample

Here is my entry
Thanks LK I have really enjoyed doing this challenge!!!

Luckily LK sent me enough stash that I was able to make another but smaller card, all I had to provide was card, curtain ring and backing paper!!!

You can view the entries on LK's blog or on the forum!!!


Wednesday, 27 February 2008


This morning at around 1:00am an earthquake hit Licolnshire the epicentre was Market Rasen, which isn't very far from where we life, it hit 5.2 on the ricter scale!!!

I was on the computer when it happend and thought the cat had tried to jump on the back of the chair!!! Then Steve and Chole came down stairs, (Aimee was asleep on the sofa, she had a high temp last night, so I left her sleep there), and asked if I felt it, I then knew I had blamed the poor cat in the wrong!!!! Took a look outside, nothing!!! Steve did wonder if it was an earthquake!!!

It wasn't until we woke in the morning and heard the news, it was the strongest one in 25 years!!! In Market Rasen a few chimney stacks got knocked down!!!

This is just a little entry to remind me in years to come of our first experience of an earthquake!!

I found this report at The Gazette Online Edition:-

UK rocked by earthquake

An earthquake in the early hours has shaken homes across large parts of England. The tremor, which registered over 5 on the Richter Scale is the biggest in the country for nearly 25 years. People in Newcastle, Yorkshire, London, Manchester, the Midlands and Norfolk were woken by the quake just before 0100 GMT.

The epicentre of the shallow tremor was recorded approximately five miles east of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire and 14 miles south west of Grimsby. The British Geological Survey have registered the tremor, timed at 12:56am, at 5.3 on the Richter Scale.

The Survey confirmed a second, smaller earthquake had been recorded at 2:46am, The nearby aftershock measured 1.8 on the Richter Scale.

An elderly man suffered leg injuries when a chimney collapsed in Wombwell in South Yorkshire, emergency crews said.

Bev Finnegan, who lives in Market Rasen, told BBC News: "I was terrified. The noise was really, really terrifying... it was so deep and rumbling.

"It felt like the roof was going to fall in. There were people coming out in their dressing gowns wondering what it was. It was quite an experience."

A Lincolnshire police spokeswoman said the force had received dozens of calls from residents but there were no reports of anyone in the county being injured.

"There is slight structural damage, cracks and a couple of chimneys damaged. There's nothing serious at present.

Dr Brian Baptie of the BGS said: "An earthquake of this size, of magnitude five or thereabouts, will occur roughly every ten to 20 years in the UK," he said.

The main 10-second quake, which struck at 0056 GMT at a depth of 15.4km (9.6 miles), was the biggest recorded example since one with a magnitude of 5.4 struck north Wales in 1984.


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Spot the difference!!!!

First photo:
This is a daffodil that Chloe grew in school and brought home when the broke up for Easter in 2005!!! I planted it out in a flower box, and it comes back every year!!! This is a photo of it that I took earlier in the month!!!

But what is this???? I think it's an Iris, I didn't plant it, and I know they only planted daffs at school!!! The flower fairies must be at work!!! What a lovely surprise, cause I didn't even notice that it was growing. Just a few more of shots of my mystery plant!!!!


What Colour Crayon are you???

You are most like:

You are Blue

You are cool and soothing, with a hidden spontanious side. You are deeper than most people percieve, and you care a lot for those whom you surround yourself with.


Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

Found this on ALtered Geshia's Blog!!!!
Be prepared for some weird questions!!!


Monday, 25 February 2008

We've Been Simpsonized!

Have you ever wondered what we would look like as characters on The Simpsons? Never? Not even once?

D'oh! Well, anyway, we would look like this:

Meet the Philipsons Click on the photo to get the photo to see us better!!!!!
I think they have captured us quite well, what do you think, LOL

I used this photo to edit and place the Philipsons into!!!  Didn't spend a lot of time doing it, so it dosn't look as good as it should, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!

This is such a fun site it's called Simpsonize Me. (click on the name to get there). You just follow the instructions, you can change hairstyles, mouths, noses, clothes, body type, etc and you can save up to 10 characters at a time, so your whole family could be Simpsonized!!!!!


Paper Paradise Challenge

on the PaperParadise Forum, set this skectch challenge for us.

This sketch is by Becky Fleck
In the challenge we had to use

Embossing (heat or dry embossing - doesn't matter)
The colour green (but not exclusively)
A Celtic element (design, lettering anything Celtic)

I heat embossed the Celtic Knot design on the bottom of the page, the flower and the lettering in the title!

As you can see the journaling block is green the lettering is green and I have used Green in the flower!

I found an image of a Celtic Knot, traced it onto the back of cardstock and then cut it out!!! The hardest bit was filling in the lines!!!!!!

The journaling reads:
God made us cousins, because he knew our mums couldn't handle us as sisters!!! - Ruth will get the full meaning of this! I know the girls look the best of friends in these photos, but they so fight like sisters sometimes. It was worse when they were toddlers, now with both of them at school they get a long brilliantly, obviously they have their moments, but usually if you ignore them they sort themselves out and are back been the best of friends again in 5 mins!!!!!

I think I took over 20 photos of this layout and I still can't get a decent photo of the layout!!! It looks so much better IRL!!!!

I am also entering it into a multi-pic challenge!


Friday, 22 February 2008


Okay, I am only posting this photo as I love it and wanted to share!!! :)

It was taken today at her friends birthday party!!!


OOPS! I forgot to post photos of Pancake Day!!!

In our house DH makes the pancakes, this year he had two helpers! Both girls mixed the batter, Chloe poured it into the pan, both girls had a go at flipping!!! Chloe has the knack for it, by the end she was able to flip it very high and catch it, Aimee got help from her Daddy!!! Aimee tried the pancakes but doesn't like them yet, Dh and I have sugar and lemon juice, Chloe has honey!!!

Luckily there was nothing else in the jug, when the shell went in. This egg was thrown in the bin and the jug washed out!!! Just thought the capture of the egg breaking in Aimee's hand was a good shot!!!!


Thursday 21st - Weelsby Park

Next stop the park, the girls ran around loads, up and down slides, swinging on swings and zipping along the zip wire!!!

After all this we went home!!!!


Thursday 21st - Cleethorpes Front

After the wood we went to Cleethorpes for lunch, a yummy tray of chips each!!! We ate our chips in the car as it was too windy to eat outside! The girls then burnt off some more energy on their scooters along the promanarde!


Thursday 21st - Bradley Woods

On Thursday morning we dropped DH off to work, and I took the girls to Bradley Woods! Luckly I made them wear wellies, hats, scarfs, gloves etc. It was really muddy!!! It was cold but not freezing, we spent about an hour and half walking, then came back to the car, while the girls were changing out of their wellies, I went in search of photos, I got some shots of birds, but the squirell was the winner for me!!!

TFL xxxx

Wednesday 20th Feb - Chocolate Sweets

I had promised the girls that we would do some fun things this mid term, but unfortunately I came down with a horrible cold that lasted for over 3 weeks! So Mon, Tue and Wed I wasn't feeling great so we didn't go out anywhere! Aimee and I made some chocolate sweets from a Bratz advent calender plastic moulds, they came out fantastic and Aimee had a lot of fun!

The next few posts are photos of what we did on Thursday!!!