Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Georgia's mini book!

For Georgia's Birthday I made her a little mini book to put photos of herself dressed in the numerous dress up costumes that she has.

I hope she likes it.

I have only 2 decent photos of Georgia dressed in 2 of her costumes, and not in date order, but I hope Ruth doesn't mind too much finishing it off and added more photos.

I have decorated these few pages as I think I remember some of the colours of the dresses, I have also included lots of blank pages for Ruth and Georgia to fill!

I have included extra stickers for them to use as well.

I made it using some carboard from the back of an A4 notepaper pad, and those little CD/DVD protectors, some jump rings, pretty papers (don't know the names as they were in my scrap box), flowers, buttons, princess stickers, stickles and letter stickers.