Sunday, 9 November 2008

Altered Chipboard Advent Calendar .....

at last, lol!!!

I have finally finished the Calendar, I used way too much wet stuff and had to keep waiting for it to dry - sigh!!!!

This is how it looked

and after I got my hands on it!

Again photos do not do it justice, IRL it looks a lot nicer! CLICK ON THE PICS TO SEE A BIGGER IMAGE!

I used a square punch and a scalloped scissors to make the roof "tiles". All the papers are K and Company expect for the snowflake paper which is s.e.i. The icicles are from a £2:00 Christmas Decoration pulled to pieces. I used opal dust to give the impression of frost, and a snow writer on the edges for ice.

I have used a lot of glitter, well it is a Christmas decoration after all, you read right, this is not for the girls, this is never going to be used the way it is supposed to be, Grinch I know, but too much blood, sweat, tears and gluing my fingers together went in to this, lol!!!! I had told Aimee that I was making it for them to open, so she kept asking which number was she going to open! I told her that everything would fall apart if it was used properly and that I will buy them the usual Advent Calendars, Aimee being Aimee didn't create a fuss and said "yes mum I think you are right it is too beautiful to use", that little lady sure knows how to pull at my heartstrings!!!!

Anyways, all of the embellishments on the drawers were bought from Netto about 2 years ago, and I saved them for the perfect thing, as you do!

The chimney took me the longest as I wasn't sure how to decorate it!!!

Beautiful K&Co Christmas stickers

Stash used
K&Co - Christmas papers and Stickers
Embellishments from Netto
Stickles - Crystal, gold, red and silver
Jo Sonja's - Artist Background Colour
Arcylic Brown Paint
Iceles - Christmas Decoration
Jo Sonja's - Opal dust
Decoart - glistening snow Writer
S.E.I - Alpine Frost, Dust of snow
Sandylion - Kelly Panacci - Season's Greetings
Numbers very kindly cut by Tracey
Bazzill Bling - Black

Bonfire night .....

well not actually. We didn't go to a display on Bonfire night as it was a school night. We went on Saturday night to a display in Tetney. There was just DH, Aimee and myself as Chloe was at a friends party. It was advertised for 5:30 pm, so we got there for about 5pm. We then found out that the bonfire wasn't going to be lit until 7:00pm and the fireworks at 8:00 pm!!! This was such a long time to wait, but Aimee was allowed to go on 3 rides and play 1 stall game, which was hook a duck and she won a prize!!! See below.

I also got Aimee a twirly fibre optic thing, and this is the photo I got of it ....

I have only posted these pics of Aimee watching the fireworks and watching the bonfire!

This slide show includes a lot of the photos that I took, so you don't have to hang around and look at them if you don't want, lol!!!

The display was fantastic and we really enjoyed it, just a shame about the wait!