Saturday, 27 September 2008


Today was Aimee's little party for her birthday. We decided just to invite the neighbourhood kids that she has been playing with all summer, as with her switching schools she doesn't know her class mates that well yet!

Before everyone arrived I took this photo of her, I love how it has turned out!

Her Auntie Ruth (Altered Geisha), Uncle Mark, cousins Georgia and Ben really spoilt Aimee. The following are the gifts that she received, can you feel me turning green with envy, lol!

Do you remember the statue of Tinkerbell that I got for my garden (click here to see), I have decided that I am giving it to Aimee to go with Rani. I have actually gone and got it and cleaned it up, luckily it's fairly new and has been sheltered so it cleaned up perfect! I don't know if you remember Ruth or not, but guess what's going to happen now ..... I won't be happy until I have the full set, lol!

Ruth made this fantastic mini book for Aimee, I love it!!! It will give us something to do over the half term!

and Aimee also got two fairies and a beautiful charm bracelet with a beautiful book, unfortunately Aimee fell asleep before I could read it for her, bless ... so much excitement this week!

I will take this opportunity to thank my mum, dad and my aunt for sending Aimee some beautiful clothes for her birthday!

And this is her cake .......

and this is how overwhelmed she was! I had asked Aimee to stay outside with Ruth, while I brought all the other kids into the lounge, closed the door and lit the candles and then Aimee came in as they were singing Happy Birthday to her, it is actually the first time that I have seen her speechless!

Ben also was at the party, so that made 8 kids altogether, which is quite small for me as I am used to dealing with over 20 kids at parties, I think the biggest Chloe had was in Ireland when we invited all her class and the whole lot turned up at our house which had smaller rooms than we have here, can't fully remember but it was somewhere between 23 and 25 girls, and boy was it fun!

Party Itinerary

1:00 pm everyone arrive
1:20 - 3:00 pm playing in the garden, Aimee opening presents, eating - Hot dogs, Rice Crispy Cakes, Fairy Cakes, and Crisps. Back out playing, back in for the cake, back out again, giving out of party bags
3:10 - Peace and Quiet!!!!

I had got some party games in case the weather was awful, but the day was so nice I decided not to do them and keep them for another time! In any case the children amuse themselves without any adult intervention!

Aimee got a nail art kit from her Uncle Graham, Auntie Ruth (different girl) and cousins Cameron and Alex! Georgia stayed on for a little while, Aimee asked if I would do their nails with the kit, so I did and then added the tattoos that were included. When I asked them to look hard for the photo this is what I got .......

I think I prefer this one!

Again if you have made it this far, thank you so much, I know that my posts are loooong and overloaded with photos!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Happy Birthday My Little One!

Today is Aimee's birthday, she is 5 years old!!! Oh how time flies! We are having a little party with some neighbour hood children on Saturday as she doesn't know her class mates too well yet! So we decided to have a little family party for her tonight! She had to wait until 5:30 pm to open her presents from us, as that is when DH gets home, she was ever so good, but the minute she heard her dad's voice she started squealing, I can open my presents. Here are the results of the present opening.

What could this be? A skateboard, Chloe recently got one and so did most of the neighbourhood kids, so Aimee wanted one! Chloe got this for her!

Look at the excitement on her face, it's a .......

High School Musical outfit!

As you can see she loves it.

and a huge kiss for sis for giving it to her!

and her Uncle G, Aunt R and cousins C and A gave her some fab gifts. Her Granny and Grandad gave her a voucher to spend in Woolworth's and a beautiful handmade card, (thanks Brenda it is really beautiful), and her Uncle R, Aunt J, cousins O and C gave her some birthday money! She is a lucky girl!!!!

and this is the main present that we gave her, Jungle In Pocket Tree House, we also gave her some packs of animals.

I think she likes it!

And here are some photos of Aimee cheerleading in her new HSM outfit!

As it was Aimee's birthday she got to choose what we had for tea, guess what she chose, McDonald's, Dh and I had an Indian, mmmmh

and because we were just having a little party, here is the little cake that we got her.

Tried to get all arty with this shot. Not as good as I hoped but I like it.

Aimee enjoying her cake!

Aimee speaking to her Nana and Grandy in Ireland, who rang to wish her a happy birthday.

Aimee really enjoyed her evening and had a great time, thanks for trawling through all the photos!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Our Venture Photo

Not going to harp on about it, but here is the photo that was the outcome of the photo session!

Welcome Charlotte!

We saw our new little niece on Sunday!!! I will let the photos do the talking, she is soo cute!!!!

Enjoy June!

Sleeping Angel

Watch out mum and dad, look at that pout!!!!
Sorry about the milk, but I had just fed her and she was pulling the cutest faces! So I asked Dh to take some pics quick!

Full and contented!

Loving Big Brother, Oliver

And adoring cousins!

This beautiful blanket was made by Kath (LazyKay go here to see her blog) It recently was entered in a craft fair and got placed, so I asked LK if she would make me one for Charlotte! Thank you so much LK, it looks sooo much better IRL!