Friday, 13 June 2008

BBC - Treat for the kids, a photo and blog

DH bought this game for the girls on-line, at a bargain price, I wanted to wait to give it to them, but he said they had been behaving really good the last few weeks, so we gave it to them, it's for their DS's and they both can play at the same time using the one game in their own bedrooms!!! It's good to hear them shouting at each other in joy rather than in anger, lol

And for the photo .... heres a few

The blogging bit!!!

Yesterday was a school trip for nursery and reception children that I work with! There was 43 children aged between 3 and 6!!!!! We were going on a picnic to a local park. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great but we managed to avoid getting soaked wet, the children had a fantastic time! As you can see from the photos! I really enjoyed it too as this was the first outing for me with a large group of children (we had volunteer parents helping us too). I can't believe how tired I actually am from the trip though!!! LOL