Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another beautiful flower

Wanted to show you this pretty flower that was in my garden!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Daffodils and Tulips!

My spring flowers are blooming!!!

I decided to plant some dwarf daffodils in here and I am glad that I did!!! Can't wait to see what the lilies are going to look like!

Just look at the deep red of these tulips!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Captured Fairies/Jar Fairies number 2

I made this one for a friend at work, I used a coffee jar, and because it is bevelved it dosen't photograph great!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gorjuss Girl

Spent a fantastic day at Tracey's.

I managed to get on her scrapbooking class and this was the following layout!!!

Remember the fab photos Steve took of Aimee from my last post, when I saw the papers we were going to be working with, I thought how freaky is that, those photos will go fantastic with these!!! Couldn't wait to get home and see if they did!!! I think they are perfect!

And I was lucky enough to stay on for the crop as well!!!

I picked the new Gorjuss stamps that I got for Mother's day and started to play with them! I finished one girl and placed it on top of the pages that I had just finished, and freaky episode number 2 the Gorguss Girl image that I just coloured went perfect with the papers!!!! I then had the hardest job of all to do, colour her in again exactly the same!!!! Very nearly, but after the 3rd attempt I wasn't going to try anymore!!!

The the task of finding a name for the pages, I think I spent about 2 hours trying different names, and for goodness sake the name was staring me in the face all along, d'oh!!!!!

Thanks Tracey and all you brilliant ladies, for the fantastic day, it is soo good to get together with other crafters and share stories and laughs!!!!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Captured Image!

The original idea is in The Craft Stamper magazine August issue page 23, and its a fairy captured in a jar!!!

I used a Bisto gravy granules jar for this image! Even though in the magazine she used shrink plastic for the image, I just used watercolour paper! I also used a flower that I got in a charity shop!

I cut a piece of fabric and stamped friends onto it using Tim Holtz Vintage photo,

tied some rosebud ribbon (from RWS) around it and hung a butterfly charm that I got off of a pair of jeans that Chloe bought, I swear she didn't want the charm anymore!!!!

a huge thanks to Tracey for taking these photos d'oh, I forgot!!!

I made this captured fairy for Tracey, and I think she is keeping it in the shop if you want to take a look at it!!!

I am also hosting a challenge over on RWS site:-

The challenge is to create a captured image (in the magazine she said to use shrink plastic, I didn't)!You can put whatever image you want into the jar, eg Magnolia's, Whiff of Joys, Sugar Nellie's, etc
Include some sort of "scene" eg, I have included a rose, you could have a little garden, an image sitting on a swing, fence, etc Whatever you can think up, just as long as the image isn't on its own!
Deadline for completed jars is Saturday 29th May, so you have over a month to complete!!!!
Please don't post any photos of your jars until you are asked to!!!

Open to everyone, just join up and be a member!

An impromptu photo session

Steve got some new photo equiment and grabbed Aimee to try it out!

The photos he got are fantastic, love them!!! These are just a few!

I know this isn't the most flattering shot, but I love the squished eye!!!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A lot of hard work ....

Wouldn't this photo break your heart, lol!!!

Aimee hasn't really ever shown an interest in cycling until this year! She really wanted to cycle without stabilizers and get a big girls bike! We were going to get her a 2nd hand bike to start her off with, as there were bound to be a lot of falls and bangs, but we saw this at Asda direct down from £50 to £25, which is what we were going to pay anyways!

So she started at home and she got her balance and cycled for a little bit, so we decided to take her to a park nearby which has lovely, flat, long footpaths! But after a little while she wasn't getting anywhere quick and she got angry with herself and us! The above photo was the result!

After much egging on from Steve and me, the following photos are the result ...

All worth while I say, she now cycles around our front all the time!

While at the park saw some pretty little flowers!

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Boating Lake

It was such a nice day today, it would of been a shame to waste it! So I took Mum, dad and the girls (Chloe actually wanted to be seen with us) to the Boating Lake in Cleethorpes.

We then walked along the pier, we ate some chips, ice cream and to finish it off some lovely hot, sugary donuts! The girls behaved mum and dad enjoyed it and it was a truly lovely day!!!!

Aimee seems to have the knack of getting birds to come and feed from her hand!