Sunday, 31 August 2008

Camping Day 4 - 24 August

I am not going to do a lot of writing in this post, as I think there are enough photos to show what a fantastic day we had. I can't take credit for every single photo, just most of them, Steve took some of them. Warning a really long post full of animals photos!

This was the first type of animal show I have ever been to, and if they are all as good as this one, I shall be going to more.

Don't think I have to name the following animals, do I?????


The following photos are of Lynx Cats

The following photos are of my favourite animal, these are only a few of what I have! Some of the photos are taken through glass not brilliant quality but I liked the photo.

The cheeky Meerkats! Could spend hours watching these guys.

This is a shot that Steve took, love it!


Fruit bats


Wouldn't like to meet these guys face to face, don't mention the bum!!

Alpaca - just had a hair cut

Of course Flamingos

These following guys were part of a bird show, again a very good show!
Barn Owl

Australian crow


This Macaw is taken money out of the girls hands and putting into the birds savings box (the money goes into a fund to buy new things for the birds)

Ring-tailed Lemur

White Rinoceros

Bactrian Camels

We were on a cable car, which went over the entire park, it was good to be able to see where we wanted to go.


I love this shot of Aimee and Steve!


Poison Dart Frogs


Aimee not looking to happy to be beside a Snapping Turtle

The girls also got a chance to hold a snake

Trying not to get wet from a ride passing by, they were too slow, Steve and me were well gone!

Shetland ponies

Sarus Crane

A giant bunny rabbit

The following ride is the one that Chloe and I went on, it last 40secs but omg, you are tilted upside down for a few of the hoops, excellent fun!!!
The queues were way too long and we had enjoyed spending time with the animals so this was the only major ride that Chloe and I got to experience.

The girls did go on some of the more tamer rides too!

As usual Aimee found a slide to go down!

And a minuatare frog hopper!

What a beautiful scence to finish off the day! TFL