Friday, 16 November 2007

I Got Published!!!!!

Got my latest edition of Scrapbook Inspirations (SBI) today!

My Grandad George Layout featured in the readers gallery.

I sent a jpeg of the layout months ago! I received an e-mail back saying to send the original layout in, but that it mightn't be included due to space issues! I wasn't gonna hold my breath! So I got a surprise when I flicked through the mag to the reader gallery section in the shop (as I had been doing over the last few months hehehe!) and I saw my layout featured!

Some of you might of seen the layout posted on here before, but one of the rules was that the layout couldn't be featured anywhere else until I got the original layout back! I had to take the image down from all over the place, where I posted it! Phew!

They still have my layout, they will be sending it back to me in a few weeks, I can't find the photo of the layout that I took, so when I receive it back I will re-take the photo and post it up!!! TFL xxxx

Proud Mummy Moment!

Chloe started high school in September! The children were put into 3 different groups! Over the last few weeks all the children have been taking exams to see which group will be their group for the rest of the year! The groups are 7A, 7B, 7C. They are worked out by the abilites of the children, so if Chloe was brilliant at English she would be in 7A for the rest of the year, but if she was poor in Science she would be put into 7C. I think these groups are a good idea, the children that are doing brilliantly in a subject won't get bored and frustrated if they are been held back by the teacher going slower so all the class can keep up, and vice a versa if a child is poor in a subject they won't get left behind!

So Chloe came home this evening with the brilliant news that she is in group 7A for all her subjects!

I am just soooo proud of her, as she was worried that she wasn't keeping up!

Love ya Chloe!!