Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve!

Aimee has been poorly since they broke up from school. We usually go to a theme park called Sundown on Christmas Eve to pay a visit to Santa and hand over her Christmas Letter, as it adds to the magic of Christmas knowing that Santa will be coming that night. They have a fantastic Christmas Grotto set up in the park. But with Aimee vomiting all the time we decided not to go and instead we called into a Grotto at a garden center near us. The grotto was done lovely and Aimee really enjoyed the visit.

Santa opening Aimee's letter which she was so excited about, as this had never happened before. I scanned in her letter before we went.

Letter Reads:
Dear Santa Claus,
I have been a good girl.
I would like Mairo Party and a mermaid costume.
I wish you a happy Christmas
Love from Aimee XXXX

Santa did ask if this was all she wanted, and Aimee said it was, he then said are you sure (In my own mind was I screaming YES THAT'S ALL SHE WANTS, NOW DROP IT!!!! I was so scared that she was going to mention something that we hadn't got), Aimee then said I wouldn't mind a little surprise (phew!!!!!)
Santa then told her she was a beautiful and lovely little girl and wished that more children were like her! (ahhh, I was welling up as Aimee looked proud as punch)

Aimee listening to Santa asking if she was a good girl this year!

I had a few things to get, so we dropped into the supermarket across the road, poor Aimee said the minute we got in the door, mum I think I am going to get sick again, so I dashed her to the toilets, were unfortunately she did! We then dashed around the aisles got what I needed and got home.

Aimee lid down on the couch for a few hours watching TV. We had planned on making reindeer food for herself, Georgia and as Aimee said we must not forget Ben even though he is little. I asked her if she felt up to making the food, as Steve was calling around to Georgia and Ben's house, to drop off their Christmas presents, she said yes I want to make it for them. So we did!

I found this lovely poem on someones blog and I thought I kept note of whose blog it was, but can't find it now. So if you recognise this poem, shout out and I can give you credit and link back to your blog!

Editied to say I found the poem on Time for crafting!

While Aimee was feeling good, I asked if she wanted to go and spread out the food for the reindeer's.

I always get the girls new pyjamas to wear for Christmas Eve, after they have had their bath, this also boosts up the thrill of Christmas, even though they didn't need any boosting!