Monday, 23 June 2008

BBC - Say what I want

Oh gosh there is so much that I want to say!!!!

I think the thing that bothers me most is children!!!!!

I love children and I love been around them but ...... as they are growing up they show no respect for anybody or anything!!! They don't have the same fear of been told off as I did when I was their age, I would be terrified if I thought anyone was going to tell my Mum and Dad anything bad about me!!! I respected my elders not to the point of been weak, but as they have been in the world longer they deserve respect!!!!! I would never think about defacing something for the "fun" of it, terrorising other children or older people!! I would never swear and answer back to a person in uniform eg policeman, fireman, etc.

I think children know now that people are afraid to say too much in case they end up in court!!! They don't have any fear of anything!!!!

My girls are better than that I hope myself and DH have tried to bring them up with the same values and principles that we had!!!!! So far I think Chloe would be scared for the school to contact me and tell me that she was misbehaving (I don't hit my children but they are punished by grounding, TV and computer restrictions, and so on). I know my girls are no angels and have their moments but I hope they come across as generally well behaved!

Okay I think you get the gist of it ..... I could go on and on in this subject!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant!!!!!